A few weeks ago, one of the most popular bitcoin merchants in the whole world and also a frontrunner when it comes to matters selling of in-game virtual assets known as OPSkins announced that they are soon introducing a new virtual asset trading platform known as WAX which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange.

WAX is a Peer to Peer open market which is more focused on the selling and buying of virtual assets and has been built from the ground up on a new blockchain and smart contracts that are actually decentralized in a conscious and deliberate effort to make the process of buying and selling of virtual assets between users more efficient.

This comes in the backdrop of the realization that although OPSkins is the world leader in the trade of in-game virtual assets, the current system has a little drawback considering that it is centralized. However, all this is about to change as the organization moves closer to adopting the WAX technology which happens to be running on a new decentralized blockchain which will go a long way in addressing some of the biggest challenges of a virtual asset market namely fraud and fragmentation.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is the current President of Worldwide Asset eXchange. He also serves as the Chief Information Officer of OPSKins, one of the leading online services that deals with trading in items for online video games and the whole gaming industry at large. Malcolm CasSelle’s stellar executive resume also includes working with world-renowned organizations such as Tribune Publishing which now trades under the tradename tronc where he served diligently as the Chief Technical Officer and President of the company.

Malcolm CasSelle is one blessed individual since he not only serves as a successful business executive considering the huge amount of success he has had over the years in different capacities at various organizations, he is also successful serial entrepreneur and investor. For instance, he has heavily invested in Zynga and Facebook and helped found and fundraise for Hong Kong-based telecommunications firm Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) which is today valued at more than $35 billion.