Michael Zomber has built a reputation for himself as one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to the collecting and maintaining of guns that are considered to be antiques. Many TV networks have called upon him to give his insights on this subject when they have done documentaries. Zomber started to be interested in guns when he was very young. He would spend many hours taking them apart and putting them back together again. He then started to do some research about where certain guns came from. He began to learn about all of the biggest gun companies and how they came to be so successful. Little did Michael know that he had started a hobby that would become an addiction for him that would define his life.

Zomber was always very strong when it came to academics. One of the reasons for this was his love of reading. He also had the ability to remember key details with a very minimal amount of study time. Needless to say, this always made him the envy of all his classmates. He made the decision at an early age that he wanted to go to college. He graduated from the University of Illinois with honors. He also got a master’s degree from UCLA. However, he was unsure what to do with his life after he graduated. He decided to keep pursuing his passion for guns. He would continue to collect antique firearms until his collection started to attract the attention of some major museums and historical publications.

Guns were not the only hobby that captivated Zomber. He also became an expert on the ancient Japanese samurai warriors. He amassed an impressive collection of their swords and wrote a documentary film about what life was like being a samurai. Zomber is known for his philanthropy in a wide variety of areas. He and his wife have donated a considerable amount of money to charities that benefit the arts. They have also helped to finance various museums that were not getting the funding they needed to stay in operation. Zomber frequently displays his collections for the public to enjoy. Check him out on About.me to see more of his collection, and what Zomber will be doing next.