Minnesota, also called “Twin Cities” is noted as one of three best states for business. Arts and culture is also a part this states growing economy. Churches in Minnesota are also a large part of the cities culture. While there are many churches in the state, three of them stand out among the rest, so much so, they were highlighted as part of the top twenty-five most beautiful churches in Minnesota.
First, Church of St. Mary’s, New Trier is known as the ” pretty little church on the hill” established circa. nineteen hundred and nine,is a nationally known historic place. It’s french styled architecture makes it a sure tourist site when visiting the state.

Next, Stella Marie Chapel, on the campus of St. John’s University, is set on a peninsula and can only be reached by either hiking or canoeing across Lake Sagatagan. This chapel was built as a replacement of another chapel that burned down in the early nineteen hundreds. The scenery is perfect for anyone who is wanting that perfect, one of a kind, breath taking photo.

The Cathedral of St. Paul is the third largest cathedral in the United States of America. Established in the early nineteen hundreds, this cathedral sits on top of Summit hill overlooking downtown. Widely known as the most beautiful church in Minnesota, if not the most beautiful building in the state.

A contemporary church with contemporary leadership is the Mighty Fortress International Ministries located also in Minnesota lead by Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas Williams has been in active ministry for over thirty years. Bishop Williams is both president and founder of Mighty Fortress International Ministries. Bishop Williams serves as senior pastor of Might Fortress International church along side first Lady Williams who together share three children. Bishop Williams is a highly respected minister of the Gospel and has committed his life to God, family, and ministry.

What is the atmosphere like at Might Fortress International church you may wonder. Unlike traditional church, Might Fortress encourages you to come as you are. Away with rituals, at Mighty Fortress, they delight in making coming to church enjoyable, not redundant so that worship is real and pure.

What can one expect of the worship service? You can expect to feel GOD! Their corporate worship service not only invites God in, but expects his presence to come through by way of the band, worship team, choir,or anyway the Holy Spirit chooses.

Some may feel they have to get themselves “fixed” before they come to Mighty Fortress International and this could not be further from the truth. Mighty Fortress International is place one would come to get “fixed” as they believe in the concept of come as you are.

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