The continued involvement of Mikhail Blagosklonny in the cancer research has made many people come to know him. He is a professor of oncology and has been offering his expertise at the University of Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. Based in Buffalo, New York. Besides his role at this institute, Mikhail Blagosklonny is the Chief Editor of Oncotarget. He has done much research and has published numerous publications about aging. One thing that has made people know him largely is the fact that he has continually advocated for the use of a cancer drug known as Rapamycin, to increase the lifespan of human beings.Rapamycin has its outstanding qualities. When someone undergoes an organ transplant, the first reaction of the body is to auto reject the new organ, and the result is transplantation failure.

Most as times, the doctors recommend the use of Calcineurin inhibitors, which may have adverse effects on the kidneys. It is here that Rapamycin comes in. Its toxic level to the kidneys is relatively small as compared to the regular immunosuppressive drugs. Rapamycin also helps in coating coronary stent, and the procedure need not be repeated.When it comes to the treatment of cancer, Rapamycin helps in the enhancement of the immune to the tumor, or even promote the tumor to regress. Rapamycin contributes to treating a congenital disorder known as Tuber Sclerosis Complex (TCS), which causes a benign tumor to grow in the heart, brain or even the heart. About 80 percent of individuals with TCS suffer from Facial Agiofibromas, characteristic spots on the nose or cheek and form a butterfly shape. This problem can be cured by using Rapamycin in the form of gels, creams or ointments. Mikhail Blagosklonny is interested in seeing that people across the world get the best treatment despite their financial situation. He is particularly interested medical research and discovering the connection between aging and cancer since cancer becomes prevalent in people of a particular age and above. His research has been and will continue being of use in oncology.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has been a source of inspiration to his students who wish to expand on his studies in the days to come. The primary goal of Mr. Blagosklonny is to not only treat cancer but to treat it in an efficient manner that will not be financially degrading. He hopes to come up with a way of eliminating the cancer cells, without causing damage to cells that are responsible for the recovery of the body and mind after many months or years of cancer treatment. With all the progress that Mikhail Blagosklonny has made in his area of interest (oncology and Aging), he hopes that many people across the globe will find inspiration in his discoveries, and above all take over from where he will leave. He believes that soon, the treatment of cancer which has become one of the most tragic diseased will not be a luxury treatment for the individuals with money, but will rather be an easy and cost-effective treatment.