Crucial positive influence of Podcast on the desire to buy, recall of messaging and on the advertisement of the brand cell was recorded in the first-time study of pro-and pre-campaign of podcast advertisers. Significant findings from the research were documented. First, more than sixty percent of the audience mentioned a particular grocery brand-post campaign. This was a vast improvement since in the pre-study only seven percent of the audience were mentioned. Secondly, there was an increase in unaided product awareness. This increase was from the initial stages of the study to the late stage of the research. For products of financial services, it increased by forty-seven percent while in the garden and lawn product it increased by twenty-four percent. Besides automobile aftermarket product increased by thirty-seven percent.

In the last stages of the research more than a third of the interviewees gave a pleasing opinion about the aftermarket automobile product. This was an increase from eighteen percent in the initial stages of the research. In the last stages of the investigation, there was an increase from sixteen percent in the pre-study to twenty-two percent. There was an increase in awareness of a particular campaign message by seventy-six percent for casual dining restaurant and also by sixty percent aftermarket automobile products. These results were announced by Norman Pattiz who is the CEO and founder PodcastOne and his colleague Tom Webster who is the Edison Research Strategy’s VP.

PodcastOne is the primary advertise in the nation. This organization is assisted by podcast network which was also founded by Norman Pattiz. Over 300 hours of authentic shows are presented by the firm in all the 200 notable trends of the podcast. Norman Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One who is the America’s number one broadcast in entertainment, radio news and network, sports, and the provider of traffic programming to Radio market. Moreover, he is the man behind the establishment of Courtside Entertainment Group. Apart from the companies that he founded, Norman Pattiz also serves in other organizations. For example, he is a leader at California University, and he is also the National Security Laboratories’ Chairman in Los Alamos and also a member of Foreign Relations on international Relations and in Pacific Council. As an entrepreneur, Pattiz believes that you must keep searching for more information. This will help you to know what is going on in business and the key things that are controlling the market. Learn more: