In case you were wondering where all of the meat you eat at fast food and signature restaurants come from, take a look at the OSI Group. This company is considered one of the largest meat providers on the planet. It boasts 65 facilities which are in 17 countries. There are well over 20,000 employees respectively. The beginnings for this company were small but overtime rose up and is now dominant in the global economy.

The OSI Group has deep rooted immigration history. Otto Kolschowsky was part of the German community in the early 20th century. He was living in Chicago Illinois at the time. During that time German descendants made up a fourth of the city’s population.

This was where Kolschowsky set up his meat market and became a small town butcher. By the end of WWI, his business was booming. Because Kolschowsky was experiencing success in meat retail, this prompted him to try his hand at wholesaling.

It worked. Kolschowsky needed a new place to operate his business so he moved to the Chicago suburb called Maywood. Even during WWII, the business stayed successful. What really made it take off was when Kolschowsky met Ray Kroc. He was a McDonald’s franchise owner at the time but eventually bought it out and became CEO.Kroc used Kolschowsky as his primary meat supplier. When he became CEO, Kolschowsky was supplying meat to all of the Mcdonalds restaurant chains. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

It took two decades for Otto & Sons to becomes OSI Group, but thanks to Kroc they had a product that was successful and bringing in money. What made the relationship between Otto & Sons and McDonald’s even closer was the invention of cryogenic freezing. This corporation had the daunting task of supplying every McDonald’s franchise with ground beef. Not only did this flash freezing process help, it cut costs at the same. They were able to get the meat to every McDonald’s franchise without it spoiling.

The OSI Group has been doing good business. They now distribute meat to almost every business. OSI Group will be around for a long time.