Servicing the food service industry is difficult work. Companies are constantly adapting and adding new products in order to drive consumers. This constant need for upgraded products puts a strain on companies in the food services industry. One one hand, obtaining new product can be difficult. It can require setting up factories and divisions in countries where producing the product is doable and makes sense financially. On the other hand, it requires a consistent ability to adapt and overcome obstacles related to acquiring these products in an efficient manner. One company that services the food service industry, in particular, has been doing well at adding products to their ever-growing brand portfolio.

OSI Industries is a great example of a company that is adapting to consumer needs through acquisition of already established markets. One such example is the acquisition of Flagship Europe via OSI. Flagship Europe itself had recently purchased Calder Foods a major manufacturer of fillings and sauces. Having the trusted Calder name, as well as Flagship Europe already bustling inventory of sous vide products and frozen poultry, made Flagship a target for OSI Industries. Acquiring the UK food service provider gave OSI a well-established network as well as ties to important products to serve consumers better.

Another example is that of Baho Foods in the same year. Baho Foods is a Dutch company that supplies the Netherlands and Germany with snacks and deli meat products. Baho has an emphasis on serving convenience foods. Acquiring the Dutch company was a bold and strategic move for OSI Industries. First, the Netherlands is a notoriously difficult region to break into for the meat processing industry. Its culture is unique and it’s laws and ordinances different from most other regions. Buying an already established company was a move that allowed OSI to instantaneously enter the region while also giving it some additional products to offer.

Between these two moves, OSI Industries was able to up its inventory to include pies, mayonnaise, sauces, sandwich fillings, deli meats, snacks, frozen poultry products, and more. These are all invaluable things to have, especially when they are already established in their region. Inventory can help companies that provide products to the foodservice industry retain loyalty, build trust, and give clients no reason to head over to competition when they want to add additional food items to drive customers. OSI made intelligent clinical moves in order to make these acquisitions happen, and they should serve as an example of fantastic acquisitions for the company.

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