The end of summer comes with a plateful of responsibilities as you prepare for your kid’s back to school. All the commitments involved can easily make you feel overwhelmed. Lucky for you, the following tips from Freedom Financial will make the transition less stressful.

Shop Early in Advance

Kevin Gallegos, Freedom Financial Network Phoenix operations vice president, strongly advises that you get your kid’s supply list early in advance. Since most lists remain the same year in year out, you can shop for the supplies while they are on sale before school the year starts.

Plan Budget

According to Gallegos, it is important to have a planned budget and very crucial to stick to it. List down all the items you need as well as what your kid wants. Build your budget around that. To save money, avoid shopping early but instead, wait until the clearance sales start. If there are some items that your child doesn’t require immediately, you can postpone buying them until later. Make sure you have a list of all the things you haven’t bought to avoid double shopping.

While shopping for your kid’s back-to-school, it is important to remember classroom materials that help your child to stay organized. BubbleBum founder, Grainne Kelly recommends school cloth shopping to be done on October when retailers are willing to offer high discounts.

About freedom Financial

Freedom Financial was started with the aim of providing financial solutions to consumers. The co-founders, Andrew Housser and Bradford Stroh, wanted to help people deal with debt and accumulate wealth through financial consulting. From 2002, they have managed to help many clients achieve financial independence.

On overall, be organized about your child’s school.

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Banco Bradesco – most times, shortened to Bradesco – is larger than every financial institution in Brazil, quite a feat to accomplish as Brazil is only out-populated by four countries around the world. Bradesco is behind Itaú Unibanco, but only because of a merger in the late 2000s.

This prestigious nationwide bank was created in Amador Aguiar in 1943, just 26 years before its current chief executive officer first joined its staff. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in 1951 in Marília, just 18 years later joining Bradesco’s original Marília branch as a clerk, greeting customers, handling their money, and directing them to loan officers and other higher-ups.

However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco didn’t simply hop into his long-running career at Banco Bradesco – Mr. Trabuco earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree by the ripe, young age of 18. Although he was born in excess of five hours’ travel by motor vehicle, young Luiz wanted to push himself by attending one of Brazil’s top postsecondary institutions in the University of Sâo Paulo, finishing his bachelor’s degree ahead of schedule.

It’s important to keep in mind that a bachelor’s degree in 1969 was worth significantly more than today’s master’s degree program, believe it or not. Despite this fact of living more than four decades ago, Luiz Carlos Trabuco next received a graduate degree in sociopsychology from the School of Sociology and Politics at Sâo Paulo. This final degree undoubtedly set Mr. Trabuco up for a solid career in financial services, in which getting along with others is arguably the most important aspect.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has received more than a handful of accolades throughout his lengthy, constantly budding career. Although Mr. Trabuco always experienced great success in the workplace, such didn’t become public knowledge until 2006. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was named the Business Sector Leader in the Insurance and Pension division by the Gazeta Mercantile Business Leaders Forum. Mr. Trabuco did great in rallying his understory at Banco Bradesco, being named the Personalidade Empresarial de Seguros – roughly translating to the Best Personality in Business Insurance – by the ADVB, or Association of Sales and Marketing Officers of Brazil. As if 2006 wasn’t already good enough of a year, he was then named Insurance Personal of the Year.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was most recently given the title of Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance from Isto é Dinheiro in 2015, directly resulting from his leading the charge to purchase HSBC’s entire Brazilian banking infrastructure at the astounding, albeit relatively inexpensive, price of $5.2 billion. Following the deal’s closure, Luiz Carlos Trabuco said achieving a similar level of organic growth in the capacity of what HSBC’s purchase brought to Bradesco would have required at least six long years of performing in financial services industry-leading fashion. With the famed HSBC transaction and career spanning across six different with the same employer, rising from bank teller to president without missing a single rung on the proverbial workplace ladder, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has also been named by Ultimo Segundo as one of The Sixty Most Powerful in Brazil, taking the far above-average spot of 24th.

While Mr. Trabuco obtained thousands of branches, automated teller machines, and other assets formerly belonging to HSBC Holdings, he also achieved respectable helpings of organic growth from his appointment to president in 2009 to late 2015. Bradesco started the six-year period in 2009 at 20 million individual account holders. In 2015, the second-largest financial institution in Brazil, Banco Bradesco, had worked its way up to 27 million accounts, breaking down to slightly more than 1 million per year.

The amazing Sertões Rally held its 22nd edition and had 7 different stages going over 2 states. It was of over 2000 kilometers. This is considered as one of the biggest off-road rallies in Brazil. A lot of teams competed in this rally and one of the excellent teams named, Bull Sertões Rally Team managed to take a position in the top 5.

Mr. Rodrigo Terpins was able to secure the 8th position in this rally with Mr. Fabrício Bianchini for the T1 (prototype) division. The two were able to make it into the top 10 from 38 different competitors. Check out terra for more info.

The car that Mr. Rodrigo Terpins was driving had the number 326 on it. This very car has had a lot of success in the past too. According to Mr. Rodrigo, the rally was very pleasant, and he enjoyed the ride a lot. The rally comprised of a lot of different and tough specials, so the drivers needed to have proper tools and equipment. The full team consisted of ten members. Every single member gave his best and proved vital in the outcome of the rally.

Mr. Rodrigo Terpins is known to be very similar to his father named, Jack Terpins. They have a successful entrepreneurial background. They have always been into sports as well.

Mr. Rodrigo Terpins has been seen in a lot of different events in the whole of Brazil. He has interest in rally events now. While his father, Mr. Jack Terpins used to be a basketball player in his days. He was a member of Hebraica in the 1960s and 1970s. However, Mr. Jack is working as a real estate investor nowadays. He has always supported and encouraged young people who are in some kind of sports. He used to serve as a leader of a community during his younger days.

Rodrigo even served as the Chief of Sports in the government during the year 1991. In addition to that, he was a member of the Latin American Jewish Council as well. Mr. Jack is a very well-known figure in the Jewish community as well for his efforts. For more info visit

Sheldon Lavin is popularly known as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI group. There is more to that hot dog and pizza that you enjoy eating from OSI group. The story dates back to 1909 in Illinois West Chicago when the company was established. Sheldon Lavin later joined the group, which by then was known as Otto & Sons in 1970 as a partner after it was chosen to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s. Sheldon has his financial consulting firm before joining the group. Sheldon was also a prominent businessman and a well-known investor. His area of expertise was finance and accounting. With these skills, he helped OSI group to grow from the local food company it was to gain worldwide recognition by being the largest multinational corporation.

Through his remarkable skills in the finance sector, Sheldon helped the company to expand into other markets such as Mexico, China, and Poland shortly after joining it. Currently, the group has spread its wings to over 16 countries and has played a major role in making the lives of over 20000 people better through the provision of employment. OSI group entered a venture that would help it expand into even more countries in Europe in 2014 under the leadership of Sheldon.

OSI Group procured Tyson Production in 2016, which will assist the company to increase its rates of production. It has about 200,000 acres space, which is more than enough for storage and manufacturing. In a bid to expand and serve more markets in Europe, Sheldon used another wise strategy by purchasing Baho food whose products complement those of OSI group. That will increase demand, which means more profits for the company. Consequently, it will contribute positively to the economy of Europe.

All these achievements have been made under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. As a result, he was honored by the Global Visionary Award. It is an award that is awarded to people with exceptional leadership skills and those who work to meet their vision, which in Lavin’s case was to make OSI group global. Sheldon’s leadership has enabled the company to win awards such as Globe of Honor Award and many others that honor the company’s excellent environmental, safety and health management practices.

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While cryptocurrency remains to be a new term to many people, Daniel Mark Harrison commands great respect from his many strides in the sector. Besides cryptocurrency, Mark Harrison is also an author, blockchain evangelist, businessman and several other things which can only describe him as a Jack of all trade. Harrison, who is a Managing Partner at Monkey Capital since 2016 has a track record of achievements while holding different positions. Monkey Capital has received various recognitions while under his tenure, for example, a six out of five-star in rating a radio host,Chris Waltzek. Additionally, the company is taking the market by storm through crowd funding where it is expected to raise its billion dollar campaign from the same campaign, thanks to Mark Harrison.

Mark Harrison is also the Chairman as well CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Pte. Ltd (DMH&CO), a position he took in October 2015. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, which are fully staffed and active. Previously, Mark Harrison worked as the Editor in Chief at CoinSpeaker for over three years. It is while in this position that readership of the firm grew to over 450,000 each month. What’s more? He broke various stories, for example, The End of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index. Currently, CoinSpeaker boosts of being the 2nd largest website on Bitcoin on the web.

The Master’s degree graduate from New York University was also a publisher as well as the Editor in Chief at Marx Rand, a news publisher that explores independent mind concepts. His legacy while at the firm remains after it revealed how an FBI undercover was going Ku Klux Klan. Additionally, the firm was able to link Toyota car manufacturer to the slave trade and how the failure of FDA and US drug companies increased chances of cervical cancer.

Besides his active professional career, Mark Harrison also likes volunteering. For over two years, he was a volunteer columnist on The Motley Fool where he built a strong reputation for the firm in the US as well as UK markets. Further, he successfully made a recommendation of a complicated switch trade that contributed to Beta-enhanced out-performance in the year 2014.

Louis Chenevert’s stellar performance as president and CEO at United Technology
corporation has been well chronicled. Mr. Chenevert has proven himself to be a
well trained creative problem solver while leading United Technology . A quick
look at Mr. Chenevert’s resume will reveal that UTC’s head man was well
prepared for the task at hand.

Louis Chenevert is a native of Montreal, Quebec. His educational background is
in in production management. Mr. Chevenert received his bachelor’s degree from
HEC Montreal, an affiliate of the University of Montreal.

Once finished with college, Louis Chenevert began working for General Motors.
Mr. Chenevert would stay with the company for fourteen years and rise to the
position of production general manager. In 1993, Pratt and Whitney Canada hired
Mr. CHevevert as their vice precident of operations. One of his noted moves
while with Pratt and Whitney was the implementation of SAP software. A move
that greatly improved the company’s efficiency. The years of hard work by Mr.
Chevevert culminated in his 2006 appointment as chairman and CEO at UTC.

United Technologies corporation is involved in the research, development, and
manufacturing of high-technology products in various sectors. Among these sectors
are aircraft engines, aerospace systems, HVAC, and industrial products. Under
Mr. Chenevert’s leadership, UTC has shown substancial growth with shares growing
from a low of $37 to a high $117. This performance elevated UTC to the position of
being the most profitable conglomerate in the USA.

In his typically bold and creative fashion, Mr. Chenevert was able to acquire
Goodrich at a price tag of $16.3 billion. This move afforded UTC the luxory of
being able to produce products on their own.

Louis Chenevert relieved himself of his duties as chairman and CEO at UTC in 2014,
but the impact he made while working with the company will forever last.

Just a few of the honors granted to Mr. Chenevert in his career are as follows:
The National Building Museum made Mr. Chenevert its 2009 Honor Award recipient.
In May, 2011 Mr. Chenevert was given an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal. A
Mr. Chenevert was also named person of the year in 2011 by Aviation Week &
Space Technology.

The fan favorite and eco-friendly bottled water company Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is hitting a huge milestone that has the company really excited. They hit 414 on the Inc. 5000 list, and the even more inclusive Inc. 500 list. They will be honored in California at the 2017 Inc. 5000 Conference on October 10th. The founder of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons, is completely overjoyed for his fast growing company. He even said that it has been a dream for Waiakea since they opened their doors fro business in 2012. At the time Emmons was only 22!

In a three year period Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water grew over 1,059 percent, now that’s amazing! Annually, Inc. Magazine studies thousands of companies each year to find what thriving companies have the biggest revenue growth in a three year period of time. Other leading companies on the list include Patagonia, Zappos, Microsoft, Under Armour, GoPro, and Timberland. Emmons looks forward to what his company has in store for the future when it comes to the social consciousness and the environment. There is no doubt this booming company won’t continue growing.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is redefining the bottled water industry. With its sleek design, environmentally sound, naturally healthy, and socially conscious ways, it is no doubt that Waiakea is making waves in the water bottle sector.

Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea in 2012. He is also CEO for the company. He has spent vacations with his family and friends in Hawaiian and found that the water he was drinking on the big island was some of the purest and healthiest in the world. It is loaded with minerals and is completely alkaline.

Through Ryan’s company, the thriving entrepreneur is able to influence the world positively by giving back. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water partnered up with Pump Aid. For every liter of water sold, 650 liters of water goes to disadvantaged rural communities in Africa. The facility where Waiakea bottles the water uses 33% green energy to run the building. The water bottles come from 100% recycled material and it takes 80% less energy to produce them.

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recent article talks about how Dr. Avi Weisfogel has found a way to treat sleep apnea through the use of Dentistry. Sleep apnea is identified by pauses during a persons breathing while they are sleeping. The length of these pauses vary from person to person. Sometimes they are just a few seconds long, while other times they can last a minute. The longer the pause the more dangerous it is. These pauses in breathing mean that the body is not getting the oxygen it needs to survive. It also means that those who are inflicted do not get a decent sleep which can cause other ailments.

The article mentions how common sleep apnea is. It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of people who have sleep apnea but do not realize it. There aren’t many cures for sleep apnea and most have to find their own personalized solutions to the matter. That is where Dr. Avi Weisfogel knew he had to make a change. Knowing that problems with sleep apnea usually stemmed from the throat and mouth, Dr. Weisfogel got to work. He launched his Dental Sleep Master’s Program to provide people with orally applied therapies to help reduce their sleep.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a certified dentist that owns Dental Sleep Masters a New Jersey-based company. In 1999, he founded a dental practice called Old Bridge Dental Care. Weisfogel practiced and managed there for over 15 years. He had always tried to see if he could use his certification for something other than dental maintenance. He had a few family members that suffered from sleep apnea and was inspired to find a solution. In 2010, Dr. Weisfogel founded Sleep Unlimited and began giving lectures on dentistry and sleep apnea.

Outside of his work on sleep apnea, Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a philanthropist who donates to several charities. One of his role models is the late Steve Jobs. Weisfogel tries to emulate Jobs when it comes to philanthropic decisions. On his personal website he mentions that he favorite hobbies are spending time with his family and reading. People who have worked with Dr. Weisfogel describe him as outgoing, friendly and understanding.

Omar Yunes is a well-known owner of 13 Sushi Itto franchises in the country. Sushi Itto is a popular Japanese fast food chain that has its franchises all across the globe. The company is known to give franchise rights to only those investors who can live up to the excellence that their brand is known for. After thorough consideration, the company gave the rights to Omar Yunes and had not been disappointed.

Omar Yunes is busy operating the 13 Sushi Itto franchises that he owns in the country. The franchises are located in Puebla, Veracruz and the Mexico City and employees about 400 people. Having won many awards including the Best Franchisee of the World award, he is a humble person. He dedicates the victory to his employees and his well-wishers. Omar started the first store when he was only 21 years old and over the years, grew the number to 13. He has plans to open more stores within the next five years. Omar Yunes has excellent leadership skills that allow him to motivate his employees to perform better. Along with competitive pay and regular training, he ensures that each of his employees is clear about their goals and gives their best to achieve it. For his employees too, Omar Yunes is not just their employer, but their friend too who listen to them when needed.

With the success of his franchise, he became a millionaire by the age of 29 and owned a condo worth 5 million pesos. A year later, he also bought two other houses in the flourishing district of Polanco of Mexico City that is homes to some of the richest people in the country. He has been able to earn the reputation because of his hard work and dedication. Today, at the age of 39, Omar Yunes wants to add more franchises to his business and is also looking to invest in the Mexican real estate. He feels that there are tremendous opportunities in the luxury real estate industry and he wants to make the most of it. He intends to change the opinions of people who feel that the Mexican real estate sector has reached the saturation point.

Sheldon Lavin is an entrepreneur and the current chairman of OSI Group. OSI Group is the preeminent food processing firm that supplies its product to the leading retail food brands in the world. The company’s international headquarters is located in Illinois, United States. The Organization works together with its branches. These branches are OSI Industries, OSI International, Inc., and OSI International Foods. Currently, OSI Group has nearly 20,000 employees globally.

After completing his studies, Sheldon Lavin ventured into banking industry where he was an executive and also an investor. Later after acquiring enough experience in the banking world, Sheldon started his financial consulting firm. In 1970, a company named Otto and Sons approached him and requested him to have an ownership position in their firm. Otto and Sons Company was an organization dealing in meat production. Otto and Sons wanted Lavin to join them since their had the capability of becoming the Midwest supplier of hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation but lacked enough money to fund their business activities. Lavin was reluctant at first but later agreed with a condition that he would join the firm and act as a consultant in the company. Additionally, another condition was that his financial investment would be of the same level of leverage as the firm had. In 1975, Lavin became more associated with the organization’s business activities as the firm started to focus on overseas investments. In the late 1970s, Otto and Sons decided to change their name to OSI. Additionally, the Company also requested Sheldon to involve himself with the company’s affairs on a full-time basis which he agreed. From then, through the hard-work and dedication of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has immensely expanded to become a worldwide multi-billion dollar food processing firm.

On February 20, 2016, India’s Vision World Academy praised Sheldon Lavin for his astounding success in bringing OSI Group onto the international scene. Also, Lavin was praised for his dedication to increasing job growth globally. Moreover, the team also awarded him the Global Visionary Award. The award is given to individuals in appreciation for their persistence, and perseverance in accomplishing their aims and turning their dreams into reality.

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