Shervin Pishevar brought a dose of somber fiscal advice by way of tweet storm. February of 2018 saw the tech venture capitalist and entrepreneur launch into a 21-hour Twitter storm covering different topics related to tech and finance. He held nothing back as he sounded alarms about a potential stock market crash. Pishevar admonished the top five tech companies for their stranglehold on the industry. And he also spoke directly to investors and traders of Bitcoin. Pishevar predicted Bitcoin would experience a massive drop. The value of Bitcoin did decline incredibly from February 2018 to December 2018. Those who lost money probably wish they read Pishevar’s tweets. Others might have read the tweets and shake their heads over not pondering following Pishevar’s words.

Bitcoin represents the trailblazing world of digital currency. An almost science-fiction element exists to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The assets provide money not ruled by any particular government. Supply and demand among other factors contribute to the value of Bitcoin. At one time, the price of a single Bitcoin was meager. The price jumped to the $20,000 range. Investors, traders, and speculators became wealthy through procuring Bitcoin when the cost was low. Tales of overnight millionaires fueled wild Bitcoin purchasing adventures. Shervin Pishevar noted that the value of Bitcoin would experience a dramatic drop. He does feel the price may stabilize after the fall, but drop it will.

Shervin Pishevar is someone proven to take risks in his financial and investment dealing. He saw the promise in Uber back when it was little more than a strange idea. His backing of Uber delivered critical assistance when Uber was a startup. Some may think a dynamic investor such as Shervin Pishevar wouldn’t be cautious about investing in something new like Bitcoin. A willingness to take risks isn’t the same thing as embracing recklessness. Many Bitcoin fans learned digital currency is a volatile creature. Volatile assets tend to experience rapid drops at an unexpected time. Several months ago, however, the downward trend of Bitcoin was apparent. Not everyone paid attention.

Big Data giant CloudWick has launched a security analytics platform that can consume more than 100 million events per second. These include instances such as netflow, logs, network packets and alerts. THe group has christened their new product CDL which means cyber data lake. This product can be deployed as a virtual appliance on Amazon web services and can then connect the data center to the cloud.

Mark Schreiber, Cloudwick’s general manager says that they have a platform that can ingest as much as 500,000 events per second. The captured data is then stored in the on-premise data lake. The product comes with a software layer that gives access to compliance and security teams. It also uses advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect threats and stop any potential attacks.

CDL has various uses such as compliance, incident response, investigation, securing the cloud, and risk management. Besides AWS, the cloud has also partnered with other technology platforms to develop the platform such as LogTrust, Solarflare, Bricata and Graphistry.

Cloudwick also developed software for the product and is seeking some patents for them. CloudWick began working on this product two years ago when Intel approached them to develop the next generation of technology to power security. This product democratized security analytics data which meant making the platform more accessible to the enterprise. This product can help them to use various applications to detect and analyze various security threats. Mr. Schreiber observes that the next-generation of technology comes with elevated challenges and democratization of data security analytics that helps to combat barriers. CDL platforms give a wider platform that provides access to all analytics for vendor both internally and externally.

Most CDL customers include insurance firms, finance, banking and healthcare. Eric Ogren, an analyst at 451 Research observes that has some great ideas but only time will tell if their vision materializes into a great product. He is excited that the CDL platform will help to bridge the gap between IT and cloud information and in turn help to detect threats before they materialize. He notes that if the company gets this right, they stand a great chance to reap massive rewards.

David McDonald has been with Aurora, Illinois based OSI Group, LLC for over 30 years. He first job out of college was there as a project manager and he is currently the president and chief operating officer. OSI Group began as a local butcher shop in Chicago in the early 20th century. They were known as Otto & Sons and became the first meat suppliers to McDonald’s first restaurant in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. Over the years it became a leader meat supplier and later expanded to internationally. The company now employs 20,000 employees in over 17 countries. They currently run 65 facilities. In 2016 Forbes Magazine ranked it number 58 in the world in terms of private companies with a net worth of $6.1 billion.

David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University earning a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

His philanthropic endeavors include the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship as well as create internship programs at Iowa State University. He won both the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award in 2004 and the Iowa State University Foundation Emerging Philanthropist Award in 2014. He sits on the Board of Directors of the North American Meat Institute. David McDonald also acts as an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods.

OSI has recently expanded into China in July of 2014. There they work with suppliers and government agencies. David McDonald believes being open to and accepting change is key in the success of OSI. He attributes his success to helping their customers and keeping company teamwork at the forefront. They recently acquired Baho Food, a Dutch based manufacturer. They deal in deli meats, convenience foods and retail. Baho has facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. They service in 18 European countries.



It’s good for businesses to give a little back to society, which is why a majority of major businesses are involved with charities. Only a handful go on to start their own philanthropic foundation to organize their charity under one office. Stream Energy has entered that small group of businesses with the opening of their foundation Stream Cares, working with charities and organizations throughout Texas.

Stream Energy’s foundation is looking to get involved in causes that look to improve the quality of life for those in Texas, telling clients that this is a company that is invested in the betterment of their communities. Operation Once in a Lifetime is one such organization. This Dallas charity works with military veterans, recognizing their service and helping those in need with financial assistance for them and their families. Stream Cares Partnered with the charity to honor a group of veterans in December with a sit-down lunch.

This was followed up with an event the next day. The American Girl Doll Experience hosted 10 daughters of veteran parents at a party where each girl got to select their very own American Girl Doll that would go home with them at the end of the day. Stream Energy facilitated the entire event.

Kimberly Girard, the Senior Event Manager coordinating these function, said the foundation is an extension of a charitable nature that has emerged from the company’s internal culture. A concern for Texas and Texans comes from the workers, and the foundation is working to focus that thoughtfulness into donations and resources to causes that can do the most good for the most vulnerable people in this community.

WalletHub tracked charitable giving across the United States and found Texas to be one of the least generous in the country. Texas found itself giving back less time and money to those in need than much smaller states like Minnesota and Utah. For a known Dallas business like Stream Energy to start its own foundation alters how the business community in Texas views the role of charity in their company. Assuming a leadership role in Texas, Stream Energy can effectively change how the entire state gives back.

Even if you have not heard of Xenia Vorotova, or as she is better known by her moniker, Doe Deere, you’ve undoubtedly come across her cosmetics line, Lime Crime, which began with highly pigmented lip colors and eyeshadows and has now grown to include makeup and hair colors and accessories.

Xenia Vorotova was born in Russia, where she idealized American culture based on what she saw in movies and on television and often dreamed of living there and attaining the “American Dream”. When she was 17 years old, she was unexpectedly given the opportunity to immigrate to the United States along with her mother and younger sister. They arrived in New York City in 1998. It was a culture shock for her and her family upon discovering the contrast of the New York they’d seen in media versus the stark reality of adjusting to life in the big city. Initially, they struggled to stay afloat by working low-paying, menial jobs. It was not enough to survive and rather than cut their losses and return to Russia, they decided to dig in their heels in order to succeed in the United States. Eventually they lived in a homeless shelter until they were able to move into an East Harlem housing project apartment.

Throughout all of her family’s struggles, Xenia kept her dream alive by creating fashion sketches. It was those very drawings created during her time living in a shelter that gained her entry into New York’s renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. This education was a pivotal step in the success of her entrepreneurial endeavors and is where she refined her skill, gaining the confidence to create and market her own clothing line. She later began experimenting with makeup to complement her clothing designs and developed a customer base with online makeup tutorials and promotional giveaways.

By 2008 – only ten years after moving to New York City – Lime Crime had solidified it’s presence in the fashion and makeup world and is synonymous with the name, Doe Deere and her whimsical aesthetic, inspired by fairytale and fantasy.

People who are giving importance to education have higher chances of succeeding in life. Vijay Eswaran, a networking entrepreneur, demonstrated how education took him out of poverty and leading him into a successful life. His rags-to-riches story has inspired other people to focus on their studies and use their education to have a better life. Back when he was younger, he used to drive a taxi, and his world focused on his job. However, he noticed that no matter how hard he worked, his earnings are still not enough. One day, he decided to leave his job and enrolled at a university to study. It will be a huge sacrifice for him, but he still proceeded with his plans to finish college. He was overwhelmed when he completed his studies, and he finally received his degree.

The first thing that he did following his graduation from the university was applying for a better job. He found a job that pays well at a private firm, and at the same time, he also enrolled for a master’s degree. He balanced his schedule between studying and working, and at the same time, he also looked for a part-time job that would give him an additional income. He was invited by one of his friends to join a networking company, which would allow him to gain more profit while meeting new people. He considered his stint at the networking company as a sideline, but the money he receives from his sideline soon eclipsed the salary he makes from the private firm where he works. Vijay Eswaran decided to leave his company to become a full-time networker. He also established his own networking company, and it changed his life for the better. Today, Vijay Eswaran has a net worth of $550 million, and it became possible because of his determination to succeed while giving importance to education.

The start and success of any music career does not only involve remarkable talent but a passion and a drive to be the best at what you do. Well, the chainsmokers are a popular name across the world not only because of their musical prowess but also due to their hit tracks that have gained worldwide acknowledgment from their fans in different continents. The performance of one of their most anticipated tracks “closer” that features Hasley shows how much of a fan base the chainsmokers have across the world. However, their success story did not quite kick off until they got together.

The chainsmokers is comprised of two music lovers, Alex Pall, and Andrew Taggart. The two are renowned DJ’s with a passion for music. They, however, broke the long-running tradition that it is not possible for DJs to sing in their songs. They are among the few DJs who have stepped out and decided to sing in the music tracks they create without having to depend on songwriters and vocalists to create a song for them. Before coming together to form the chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart initially worked individually. Each of them had a desire to make it in the music industry, and their deejaying gigs were more than simple concerts.

Seeing their passion for music, their manager introduced Alex Pall to Andrew and as they say, the rest is history. Alex quit his job, and their career as Chainsmokers began. By combining their prowess and abilities when it came to music creation, the two partners were able to create a sound that does not only resonate with their fans but also sounds different from what is in the music industry currently. Their fame not only made them a household name, but it also made it possible for them to acquire wealth.

To ensure they put their wealth to good use, Alex Pall has recently acquired a Hollywood Hills house. The designer of the house is Peti Lau, and it is not only jaw-dropping, but it is also a home that speaks a great deal about Alex Pall’s personality.

Recently, Freedom Checks have created a craze in the investment industry. A video produced by Matt Badiali has been trending making numerous people ask various questions on what this investment is about and how it operates. In his recent video, he explains explicitly what this strategy is about and how to benefit from it.

Origin and opportunities offered by Freedom Checks

According to Matt Badiali, the Freedom Checks unlike Medicare plans and Social Security provided by the government, these are tax-free investment opportunities that operate under the Statute 26-F. They allow companies to send monthly or quarterly checks to their investors. Organizations that offer these checks have the liberty without paying taxes as long as they;

• Derive 90% of their revenue from activities involving transportation, storage, processing, and production of oil and gas in the U.S.
• Commit to paying freedom checks to investors.

Freedom Checks are legit investments and were approved by Congress since 1987. Since they were enacted, more than 568 companies met the criteria stipulated by the Statute 26-F and permitted to issue these checks.

Investor Matt Badiali learned about them when working for an energy project that made him travel around the globe. With the help of oil veterans such as T. Boone Pickens, he was able to identify master limited partnerships that offer these checks.

Often, these checks are treated as return capital rather than income and investors are not taxed for them. People looking to sell their MLP investment are allowed. However, the sale cannot be higher than personal income. The advantage of this investment plan is that acquiring shares is easy as dividends can be can be paid to the brokerage account. Currently, people are making an additional income that ranges from $10,000 to $50,000.

New investors can start today with as low as $10 and earn significantly after some time. For young people who are just beginning their careers, they could use this strategy as a retirement plan. It is estimated that an investment of $1,000 could pay up to $149,300 that adds to capital gains and regular payments. Given the benefits that accrue from this investment, Freedom Checks may be the ticket to a comfortable retirement plan.

Raising a startup company in today’s biotech industry is not an easy task, and it requires considerable skill through development, research, and financing. Additionally, getting the FDA, Food and Drug Administration approval for new therapies and drugs is an uphill task too. Renovia Inc. is a Boston-based medical company led by Marc Beer, the co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer. The company is working on delivering diagnostic devices and treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women. Recently, Renovia Inc. announced the successful financing of the project to a tune of $42.3 million. $32.3 million came from Series B equity and $10 million from the business debts. The money would fund the diagnoses and treatment of pelvic floor disorder, urinary incontinence that affects over two hundred and fifty million women. In April 2018, FDA approved Leva, the company’s first product. Leva is an app for monitoring and training the patients on strength therapy to cure pelvic floor disorder.


Leva apply Bluetooth technology to generate training sessions and real-time visualization. The device helps in the isolation of the weak levator plate muscles. It also helps in optimizing the patient’s movement patterns. The funding would boost the application of Leva device and other wearable devices, innovations, and performance of clinical trials that deserve a considerable amount of money. Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisers managed the fundraising. Other stakeholders that took part in the process included OSF Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Longwood Fund. Marc Beer thanked the participants and was happy to have a like-minded group with the same vision as Renovia Inc.’s of diagnosing, treating, and improving the lives of millions of pelvic floor disorder victims.

Marc Beer has all the qualifications needed to steer Renovia Inc.’s biotech company. His experience in the development, pharmaceuticals, sales, and business for twenty-five years proves his worth. Marc worked for Abbot Laboratories in the sales department before starting Via Cell, a company that specialized in using human cells for custom cures among other companies. He served in the board of directors in many companies including Good Start Genetics Inc., Minerva Neuroscience Inc., and BIO, Biotechnology Industry Organization Emerging Companies Section Governing Board to name but a few. Learn more:


In an interview with Ideamensch, Marc Beer was asked to explain where he got his idea for the company from. He said that it started after he got a call from a 70 years old gynecologist two and a half years ago. The man had been in the surgery of pelvic floor for the past 35 years and devoted his past 7 to 10 years researching on how he could help women avoid surgery. This was the best person to think about the innovation that would be required to keep the patients out of operating rooms. This is how he came up with the idea and late implemented it.


Equity firm HGGC is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and they specialize in buyout and growth-capital investments for middle-sized firms. Their business philosophy is to make their clients’ goals their own, and they don’t feel that they have succeeded unless their clients feel they have.

Overall, the company has roughly 4.3 billion dollars committed to various enterprises. The firm uses an “advantaged investing” model where sponsors, managers and investment teams commit money alongside HGGC for the mutual benefit of all involved. The company is all about building networks of individuals and entities that have mutually aligned interests, and this approach has worked extremely well for them.

Steve Young’s leadership  

They are lead by co-founder and managing partner Steve Young, the NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback. Young founded the company in 2007, roughly eight years after he retired from the NFL.


In 2017, HGGC made headlines when it was announced by FPX, a company that provides Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), that HGGC was providing them with capital to dramatically expand their operations. FPX is rapidly becoming the dominant CPQ solutions firm in the world, and HGGC has provided the backing allowing this to happen.


Also in 2017, HGGC acquired Neutraceutical, a company with an international presence in the vitamin and nutritional products market. Because of Neutraceutical’s excellent reputation in the nutrition industry and because a number of other health-related companies operate under its umbrella, this was seen as an excellent acquisition.

Following the transaction, Steve Young praised departing Neutraceutical CEO Bill Gay for not only creating a highly efficient company structure but also developing a trusted, recognized and iconic brand. Gay was replaced by Chad Clawson at the CEO spot, and the prospects for this company are very bright as the the health industry in general continues to grow.