There are so many attributes that set a small business apart from a large organization. The small business is usually was operated by an individual who is driven toward success. The small business must adapt quickly to amend. This is part of the personality traits attributed to a successful entrepreneur.


Other character traits for successful entrepreneurship include: motivation, desire for independence, and dedication. The motivation of a wealthy entrepreneur will usually come from family obligations. These responsibilities can mean taking care of elderly parents, or children. However, these liabilities could simply mean wanting to spend more time with his or her family. The desire for independence is an important attribute of a successful entrepreneur. The dedication to his or her business is a must. These character traits must all be present in an individual who intends to become an entrepreneur.


Another attribution of a successful small business is atmosphere. The atmosphere is important as it must foster the business. The United States leads in successful entrepreneurs. This is because the United States offers a healthy platform for any small business to increase. The only thing between an entrepreneur and his or her success could very well be his or her own fear of failing. Other than this, the United States offers the American Dream for everyone. Check out to know more.



Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian businessman. He has pioneered success through dedication, motivation, and a will for independence. Countless people in Brazil, especially young students look up to the success of Jose Hawilla. Jose Hawilla cannot give himself full credit for his success. He took advice he learned early in his career. You can visit



This is advice he passes on to young people today. He is a sports commentary. He enjoys sport. He does not think there is a game in the world that is not televised. Because, to be a sport, and to be a great game, it must be televised throughout the world. This is what a sport a sport.



Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading health companies in the United Kingdom. Many older adults in the United Kingdom do not have access to essential healthcare services. Elderly care is a vital industry, and many people are willing to pay money for quality service.

Over the past few years, Sussex Healthcare has become a prominent company in the United Kingdom. Not only does Sussex Healthcare offer quality services at a low cost, but it also allows people to take their health to a new level. Anyone who is looking for jobs in the healthcare field should consider working at this company.

Types of Jobs

With the growth of the company, Sussex Healthcare is currently looking for candidates in various categories. Many people want to start their career at Sussex Healthcare to gain valuable experience in the field. In addition, some people want to work at the company due to the high levels of growth. A growing company offers various career opportunities for people to utilize.

Anyone who has nursing experience should consider applying. The company is continuously looking for nurses to fill open positions. There is currently a nursing shortage in the United Kingdom. Students who graduate from nursing school have multiple options to choose from.


Future Growth Plans

Sussex Healthcare has a ton of options for the future. The leaders of Sussex Healthcare want to continue expanding the company by offering a wide range of services. Anyone who has ever worked with Sussex Healthcare knows that the company treats employees the right way. The average wages at Sussex Healthcare are higher than the national average.

With the tight labor market in the United Kingdom, thousands of people apply to work at Sussex Healthcare each year. Anyone who wants to improve their career should consider working at this company.

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Bob Reina knows all about success. He also knows how to be modest, which is why he is never one for the spotlight. However, the spotlight just seems to follow him wherever he goes in his life. It is because when someone does something that is positive and uplifting, people stand up and they take notice. It is impossible not to notice the success of Talk Fusion and all they have done for the customers that have used the product to start up their own business. In today’s day and age, it is not that unusual for someone to work from home. As a matter of fact, it is becoming more and more common.

People are realizing there is a lot more happening out there in the world than at their job. They have children and they have a family. They want to be there for the functions and they don’t want to miss anything important that occurs. They want to be front and center and enjoying life. Life is all about making memories and people are making memories that will last them a lifetime thanks to Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion. Even though his name is on it, it has taken the work of a lot of people to get the company off the ground and to put it in the position it is in today where people swear by it.

The word of mouth on this video communications company is wonderful. When it comes to Bob Reina, people are always speaking about him in glowing terms as well. They hear about how he’s self-made, how he’s helped animals, and how he has saved a lot of people that were on the brink. They needed a change in their life, and they felt like they were never going to get it. This was the break they needed and now that they have it, they are going to take the ball and score a touchdown. Learn more:

The great thing about Bob Reina is what makes him the happiest is when people are happy after using Talk Fusion and have found success in their personal and personal lives.





People today want to invest their money so that they can retire successfully. But, most of them only think about making money but not about their health. One of the assets of a good trader is that they are physically and mentally fit that allows them to take better decisions when it comes to their investments. It is the reason why keeping yourself fit is essential if you want to be a good trader.

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of the successful JCL Capital, and he offers inside tips to its clients on ways to trade successfully. According to him, people need to take care of their bodies if they want to achieve their investment goals. Just a few minutes of brisk walking or yoga every day can help them clear their mind from negative thoughts and offer them greater clarity. Those with access to a lovely pool can enjoy swimming every day as it is another form of exercise that many people love. He also mentions that when people are in good health, they will be able to enjoy their accumulated wealth even better.

Jordan Lindsey offers forex and investment advice to its clients. He has laid down a system where his clients can easily convert a $1000 trading account to a million dollar one within ten years. But, one needs to ensure that they have patience and are disciplined when it comes to investing their money. He has seen many people throw away their health because they are too busy making money. Thus, a little bit of exercise is essential as it helps send more oxygen to the brain and offers excellent benefits.

Jordan Lindsey is one of the most successful traders in the country, and he is not afraid to share his tips with his clients. He has been in the industry for many years that has allowed him to accumulate a lot of experience. His advice to his clients is that nothing can be achieved if they are not patient. One has to be clear about their financial goals and stick to their laid plans to achieve success.

Wouldn’t it be cool if people could drink water from a volcano? There would be nothing cooler to talk about at any point during the day. That’s all people would talk about; the water they drink that came from a volcano. Fortunately, volcanic water is a real thing.

It wasn’t that long ago that bottled water was a stupid idea. People laughed at that idea too, and now, it’s a multibillion-dollar industry that every beverage company is trying to cash in on. Like the bottled water idea, the volcanic water idea is something that got a lot of laughs at first.

Now, Waiakea Water, a Hawaiian water brand, is using water that spurts out of springs all over the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. Unlike other waters, their water is naturally filtered and enriched by the volcano. Other companies use manmade filters that filter out too much.

Waiakea Water is filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. As the water drips through the pores, it’s naturally enriched with minerals and vitamins before finally erupting from the ground. The water company then packages the water right at the source and uses low-emission vehicles to transport it.

Other than the “coming from a volcano” part, the company is renowned for its dedication to preserving the environment. The biggest problem that bottled water companies have to deal with is all the plastic bottles they generate to package their product. It’s no secret that plastic is extremely harmful to the environment.

Rather than start blaming people, Waiakea Water decided to develop a new type of plastic bottle. Unlike traditional plastic bottles, which take 1,000 years to degrade, their bottles take only 15 years to degrade. They still want people to recycle plastic, but if people don’t, these bottles aren’t so harmful.

The plastic used in modern society is causing real issues, and these bottles are a blessing. As of 2018, all of their bottles are all packaged in their new degradable plastic bottles.

     Anthony “Tony” Petrello was not always president and chief executive officer of Nabors industry. Petrello grew up in Italian neighborhood in Newark, a neighborhood that held honesty and work ethics above all else, and Anthony petrello carried these high standards of moral ethics with him even after he left to go to college. Now patrello holds not one, but two degrees in mathematics from Yale University and a degree from Harvard Law School.

Yale University had such an impact on Anthony Petrellos life that during a memorial service for his mentor and math professor Serge Lang, Petrello announced that he was establishing an endowment of $150,000 for mathematics scholarships and a promise to match donations up to another $150,000 in the memory of Professor Serge Lang.

After college Tony Petrello married his girlfriend Cynthia, and later they made their family bigger with a baby girl. Their daughter, Carena, was born three months premature, which caused an illness called periventricular leukomalacia. This illness eventually turned into cerebral palsy for little Carena.

The Petrellos believe that there is not enough research on brain disorders that affect children like Carena. Because of this they are very active members of the children’s Texas hospital Board of Trustees, and active in the Jan and Dan Duncan neurological research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Nabors Industries also shares a want to help people. Last year when Hurricane Harvey caused devastation to Texas employees of nabors Industries took time from work to help with the relief efforts. Nabors Industries encourage this by continuing to pay their employees that were working so hard to help relieve families of Texas. At the same time Anthony Petrello matched $170,622 that the employees of Nabors donated into the Nabors Industries disaster relief. This money was also used to help with the relief efforts, along with Nabours Industries kitchen. This kitchen fed the hungry local families three meals a day.

Nabors Industries charitable Foundation also contributed more then $3 million for educational scholarships to their employees and their children.


The AIA is based in the United States with its headquarters in Washington. Having been founded in 1857, it has boasted of a large membership of more than ninety thousand members. The members are comprised of architects with excellent professional qualifications. Among the most renown is Mr. Robert Ivy of Columbia. AIA delights in the provision of requirements to architects to perform their duties efficiently and diligently.

Mr. Robert Ivy is a man of diverse qualifications. His personality is termed as polite and a man of great wisdom. He was appointed the chief executive officer, as well as the vice president of AIA in 2011 Ivy, has continued to serve with great passion ever since induction. He holds a degree in English having taken the course at South University and has mastered in architecture at the Tulane University.

The Architects Institute took a major step to make the health sector more effective. It took up a 10-year strategy that would allow for architecture in its capacity to come up with structures that are effective in making the health programs run efficiently. The health sector in the country faces various limitations in its service delivery, more importantly; the various projects that were once laid down remained unfinished. Therefore, there was a need to complete them to be able to provide the people with proper housing while administering the services needed.

His career began way back in 1996 at the Architectural records as a chief editor; he then became the vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill. In various well-known projects, he took part in the panels that came up with lists of architects to build various projects. In 1981 henceforth he was a principal at Dale and also an exponent of various national publications.

Mr. Ivy has won various titles including Ozzies as well as Jesse awards. Robert was awarded the Crain award in 2009 and named the Master architect of all time in 2010. He holds the great passion and desire to see the architecture industry flourish. Mr. Robert emphasizes the importance of buildings being human-friendly by allowing proper ventilation as well as sufficient sunlight.

Mr. Robert Ivy has a great impact on social media as many architects look up to him for inspiration. He has three social media platforms, namely; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that have been instrumental in creating exposure and educating the public. Issues that affect limit the expansion of architecture and its successes have been effectively communicated.The Architects Institute has been able to achieve many of its objectives, and Mr. Ivy’s leadership qualities have been instrumental.

Read more: Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Sheldon Lavin is the chairman and the CEO of the rapidly expanding OSI Group. The organization’s recent growth hasn’t gone unnoticed, either in the United States or abroad. For proof of that, one only need to look as far as India, where Mr. Sheldon was recently honored for Sheldon Lavin’s OSI successes.

Sheldon Lavin Accepts the Global Visionary Award

Each year, India’s Vision World Academy recognizes individuals for realizing their dreams through devotion, perseverance, and hard work. The recipients of the Global Visionary Award come from all fields and industries, only sharing a determination to make their dreams a reality.

Sheldon Lavin was one of the most recent recipients of the award. He was recognized for his role in guiding OSI Group’s tremendous growth. Under Levin’s direction, OSI has evolved from a domestic food provider to a global supplier of processed foods with a presence in 16 countries around the world.

In India, OSI-Vista Processed Foods, a division of OSI Group, operates eight facilities. The company processes fruits, vegetables, and siome meats for human consumption. OSI has maintained a presence in India since 1995.

Sheldon Lavin Opens Up About OSI’s Success

Mr. Lavin revealed that he was with OSI from the very beginning, though the company started under a different name. The Kolschowsky family of west Chicago had an idea for a meat processing facility, but they needed help with financing. They enlisted Sheldon’s help for the company, which was named Otto & Sons. Later, the name was changed to OSI and Mr. Lavin joined the company as a co-owner.

Sheldon says he had always envisioned OSI growing beyond a domestic company, even in those early days. He says the company’s leaders knew, if they were to expand, they couldn’t operate like traditional companies. Once the rules and operating procedures were in place, Sheldon says the day to day functioning was run more like a family than a business. People were encouraged to share ideas and offer alternative ways of getting things done.

That sense of family is carried beyond corporate doors. OSI is always looking for ways to give back to the communities in which it operates. Donating to charity and helping local organizations helps OSI stay connected in addition to benefiting communities throughout the world.

In closing, Mr. Lavin says he feels confident that OSI will far outlast him. While he sees himself retiring at some point, he says the company will continue to grow and expand. Having an organization as expansive as OSI already is, Sheldon is certain there will be plenty of talented individuals to vie for the opening his retirement will leave behind.

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There are many makeup companies out in the world who do animal testing and put out boring colors with very little care or concern about what people want or what concerns they have. Lucky for everyone there is one company who really does care. The company we are speaking about is a cosmetic company known as LimeCrime. This company was founded by a woman named Doe Deere and this company has a commitment to making the highest quality makeup that is not tested on animals and they want to live up to their award winning vegan commitment. This is one of the ways that the company is talking responsibility and making the world a much more beautiful place on so many levels.

Now that everyone has a bit of foundation about the companies commitment to the Vegan life style, let’s take a look at the products and the other aspects that make the company a great one. LimeCrime is an amazing company who produces a product line that is just amazing and we are talking everything from color to quality. One of the new products that Lime Crime released is the new Venus XL Palette. a few years back there was a Venus palette that went over very well. Again it is not tested on animals and it is vegan friendly. The product went over so well that Lime Crime made it larger and introduced the Venus XL Palette. This one features 18 eye shadows that are designed for long term wear. This one features rustic colors of red, berry tones, pinks and even neutrals. All of them are highly pigmented and are great to wear.

Makeup colors and products might come and go but, there is one thing that will stay with Lime Crime and that is the commitment they have to their Vegan makeup offerings. This is one company who cares more about staying Vegan and staying with their policy of not testing on animals than making profits and other corporate things. To Lime Crime offering the most amazing colors and products to their customers at a great price is they top goal and they are doing a great job.

Partnerships in business have always been the best way to start and grow companies, and they continue to gain even more appreciation in the 21st century. Investing in good partnerships in business not only brings multiple skills and talent on the table, it also allows peace of mind knowing that one’s investment, be it monetary, skill or talent, is in good hands always.

Ara Chackerian, a world-renowned investor in start-up healthcare companies, advises that one should be extra careful when choosing business parterships. According to him, one should take their time to appreciate the differences that other people bring to the business, and work with these differences for the good of the company. Ara Chakerian goes on to recommend that one takes time to consider the emotional repercussions that may arise from a potential investment and partnership well before they venture into it. He says emotions influence decision making in business in a big way, and should therefore be considered as a risk factor, especially when assesing an investment opportunity where one has close personal ties with a partner/s.

Ara Chakerian, who many in the business world refer to as angel investor, is committed to reinventing the healthcare system in America through investing in early stage healthcare companies. He has over the years co-founded many companies, among them BMC Diagnostics, which offers services in diagnostic imaging. He also co-founded TMS Health Solutions in California, a provider of services in intergrated behavioral health. Ara chackerian is also one of the co-founders of PipelineRx, which provides countrywide Telepharmacy services. Check out norluyce

Ara Chackerian has also served in various executive positions, top among them as the Executive Chairman of both TMS Health Solutions and PipelineRx. He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer at BMC Diagnostics. Ara also served at PMS/World Medical, a company that distributes medical products around the world as the Executive Vice President. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Florida State University. You can visit tmshealthsolutions

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