Rodrigo Terpins, aged 41 is a rally driver who hails from Brazil and has excelled in this competitive sport. He is a member of Bull Sertoes Rally Team and takes part in Prototype T1 race events with Michael Terpins, his brother, as a teammate. The two have got national recognition for their exemplary driving skills. However, recently he participated that competition and hired Fabricio Manchiana as his sidekick. The two finished sixth, with a record of 58 minutes 9 seconds. Rodrigo also serves as the current Director for T5 Participacoes, a well-known Brazilian business.

Lessons From Rodrigo Terpins

As a skilled Brazilian rally driver, Rodrigo has shown perseverance by participating in various competitions. In fact, Rodrigo Terpins always finds a way to soldier on despite setbacks such as terrain problems. According to Terpins consistency and determination the key driving forces behind his successful career in the rally scene. Rodrigo began his career at a young age. Since then he has achieved a lot over the past years. Currently, Rodrigo is well recognized in the towns of Minas Gerais and Goias.

In addition to motorsport competition, Mr. Terpins has previously served as the Director of Operations at Lojas Marisa. Rodrigo Terpins also has a passion for other various causes such as children, science, and technology, arts and culture. Rodrigo has been interviewed by several Brazilian media outlets where he has quoted severally that a successful career in any field also requires a diverse set of interests. Check out to see more.

Social Media Profiles

Rodrigo Terpins owns social media accounts hosted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with modern innovations. Rodrigo uses the profiles to build a good online reputation and engage with his fans via the Internet. His Tumblr page is mainly for individuals who like to catch up on his upcoming and exciting events. On the other hand, Rodrigo’s LinkedIn page is for professionally maintaining his profile as a highly experienced rally driver. Apart from his social media platforms, Rodrigo Terpins manages a personal website containing his biographical information. His previous interviews are also posted on the website. You can visit his Vimeo account to see more videos.

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     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization that comprises of professional and licensed architects, upcoming professionals and also allied partners. The American Institute Architects was formed in 1857, New York City, by a group of 13 architects. It’s headquartered in Washington D.C. The main aim for its formation was to promote scientific and practical profession to its dedicated members and also to elevate the profession to new heights. Robert Ivy currently is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects.

Robert Ivy, born in Columbus, Mississippi obtained a Bachelors of Arts (English) from Sewanee University. He later obtained a master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. Ivy was appointed the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1998. Under his leadership, the Architectural Journal became one of the widely read in the world. Robert Ivy also worked as the Vice President and Editor General of McGraw- Hill Construction Media. Robert Ivy also presided over various publications from 1981 to 1996.

Under the stewardship of Robert Ivy, Architectural Record scooped various publishing honors. In 2009, Robert Ivy was awarded with a “Crain Award”, one of the highly envied awards by all architects. Additionally, Robert Ivy was voted by all the architects to be the “Master of architects” in March 2010. This was made possible due to his ability to communicate the value of design as an architect. This made him to be the only architecture to receive this honor in the 21st century. Ivy currently resides in Washington D.C.

In 2011, Robert Ivy was appointed the C.E.O of American Institute of Architects. The organization is a dynamic one with over 250 chapters and a total membership of over 90,000 architects and professionals. AIA is dedicated to promote architectural skills and experience of its members. Ivy as the C.E.O is committed in strengthening the association and he does this through public awareness, educating its members and ensuring that the organization is proactive. This helps its members to serve their clients and the global community effectively.

Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects has been streamlined and transformed in such a way that it caters for the architectural needs in this 21st century. He has transformed the American Institute of Architects to a proactive, influential and responsive organization. His man goal is to promote public awareness and creating relevance to architectural career.

Market America is one of the best performing product brokerage firms in the United States. Market America has a customer service number that deals with issues raised by their customers. Some of the issues that the customer number addresses include; service problem, setup service, change plan, overcharge, cancel service, technical support among other customers’ related issues. The customer service number has helped many people to resolve issues that they may have with the platform. They can also use the same to enquire some of the changes that are happening in the Market America online platform. There is a lot of valuable information that customer will gain from contacting market America for inquiries.

Market America has a toll free number, 866-420-1709 which their customers can reach them through. There are various ways through which people can use the number to reach them. One of the best ways to reach market America is to contact market America via GetHuman. Market America will then respond to the issue raised in the best way possible. Market America is a wide platform with thousands of customers. There is, therefore, a need for the customers to be patient as the customer service strives to address all the issues that they may have.

Rocketship Education is a very successful and effective program that has managed to create schools meant to offer quality education to children coming from disadvantaged families in places like San Jose. This education program works in collaboration with community-based organizations that are already established. These organizations also have to have willing tutors and parents so as to make sure that the children from needy backgrounds get to access education from the lowest level all throughout college. The Rocketship Education program was started in the year 2007 and ever since it has been able to register a lot of success and expansion. Currently, the program has 25 public charter schools and has plans to expand to additional schools.

Preston Smith is the Chief Executive Officer at the Rocketship Education. Through his exemplary leadership and management expertise, he has managed to lead the program to greater heights. The educational program has a number of traits which it attributes to the success that it currently enjoys. One of these traits is the ability of parents being able to participate in the employment of teachers. This has proved to be very effective since parents get to know the kind of tutors who are teaching their children. The blended learning approach is another popular aspect that has made Rocketship to stand out amongst other institutions. This approach comprises of the traditional methods of teaching and the technology and this has led to minimal administration costs.

At Rocketship Education, parents are allowed to be part of the development projects of the institution like the building of new facilities among other projects. The four core values of Rocketship Education are empathy, respect, persistence and responsibility. Each school of the program is also expected to add a fifth value which is unique to its vision and environment on the location. The main purpose of Rocketship Education is to model a student not only excelling in school but also in being a successful individual in the later life. Students are taught how to develop their talents, how to be disciplined and go getters. The school also majors on the students social emotional skills that are meant to assist them in fitting well in the society.

David McDonald was an American labor leader born in 1902. He started his education in Catholic parochial schools. He finished his high school in 1918 and was lucky to get a two-year vocational technology diploma. He later proceeded to study accounting at Duquesne University. He got his primary first job at Wheeling Steel Products as a typist-switchboard operator. In 1942, he was elected to the executive council of CIO-PAC, where he controlled its policies and donations. He was named acting president when Philip Murray died in 1952. In 1953, the USWA executive named him the president. He is currently the President of OSI Group, a privately owned holding company of meat processors.

The privately owned company has over 50 businesses in 17 countries. It has its recent growth trajectory with two new factories coming up, increasing the number of plants in the country to 8. The company, under David McDonald OSI Group, has penetrated new markets such as Poland, Hungary, and Geneva. He has ensured that each regional management team understands the consumers’ needs and the demands considering their cultures. He sits as the board director as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute.

After the acquisition of Baho Foods, David McDonald appreciated the move stating that it gives OSI a broader perspective and presence in the entire Europe. The company has built a reputable portfolio of brands has done well to serve the customers’ needs.

OSI Group celebrated its 20-year prevalence in China market in 2012. The significant contribution to the country’s economy was during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. OSI Group supplied close to 113 tons of different types of meat products. There were zero complains from the Olympic committee which was a massive boost for the company.

OSI Group is well connected to global markets due to its competent regional management. China is the most significant growing consumer market with an increasing population. That’s why OSI sees it as a real focus. The company is not limited to offering its products to customers; they include product development in their service. Through the company’s partnership program with other supplies, the consumers can get exactly what they want.


For years, people have been struggling with how to get technology into prisons. They knew it would be helpful, but they just didn’t know the right way to do it. Rick Smith did not have this problem. In fact, he knew just the right way to handle the prison industry so he would be able to show others what they could get from it. He wanted to help support the administrators at prisons by giving him the technology he had so things would get better for them. Part of what has made Securus so successful is Rick Smith’s dedication to the customers he has and to the people he has worked so hard to help. While Rick Smith knows what he can do to make the prison industry better, he knew he would need to try and show people the benefits they could get from using the opportunities he had.

The first thing Rick Smith showcased was the kiosk system. The kiosks were convenient and made it easy for prisoners to get the things they needed, cutting down on the jobs the correctional officers had to do while they were working in the prison. The prisoners could help themselves to everything that was available to them. They could also show people the options that would be easy for them so they wouldn’t even have to be able to read to use the system while they were in prison. It was an all-around technology advancement for the prison industry.

In addition to this, Rick Smith tried his best to make things easier for people who are in prisons. He decided he was going to try and help others get the things they needed from the prison. He chose to target the administrators because their jobs were difficult. By adding different technology options to the prison and their administration systems, Rick Smith knew he could do different things to help people out with the issues they were having in the prisons. He also knew people would be able to benefit from everything he had to offer them on their own with the prison industry.

While things have gotten better for Rick Smith as Securus has grown, he has shown he can still come up with new ideas. He wants to constantly work to help people out so the prison industry will be better. He has tried his best to show people what they can get from different situations. Everything Rick Smith has done has given him the chance to try his best with the industry and with the experiences people have while they are in the prison. It has allowed him the chance to make a better experience for all the administrators.

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Currently, consumer purchases made in the marketplace are greatly influenced by “the power of the crowd”. Customers rely a lot on the reviews they get from crowd sources in order to make up their minds about making a certain purchase. Modern customers trust these reviews a lot as they take them as a personal recommendation from a familiar person. This is the key reason why savvy brands have taken note of this trend and are capitalizing on it by using marketing strategies that are review-centric.


Fabletics is one of the savvy brands that have embraced this marketing strategy with an aim of capitalizing fully on this new shift by consumers. From the time the brand was launched back in 2013, it has managed to grow by over 200%, which translates to more than $235 million in terms of revenue and a paying membership that is in excess of one million. Shawn Gold, the corporate marketing officer at TechStyle Fashion Group, which is the parent company of Fabletics, stated that the brand’s success has been largely due to its embracing of the crowd or user reviews. The Fabletics brand has experienced a phenomenal growth by capitalizing on user reviews, which largely influence the customer’s journey today. Consumer reviews present a brand in various industries with an edge over its competitors with several benefits. These include; an increased rate of customer acquisition, customer retention and improved loyalty.


Consumers today are shifting to digital lifestyles and this has made online consumer reviews an important factor in their process of making a final decision. A large number of consumers read and trust consumer reviews before they decide to make their purchases. A recent study conducted by BrightLocal found that about 84% of all people who read reviews trust them and this figure keeps on increasing by the year. Consumers are slowly losing trust in the traditional advertising and marketing strategies according to Peter Holten Muhlmann, the founder and CEO of Trustpilot. He added that there is now power, safety and trust in the feedback and opinions of the crowd. Mr. Holten affirmed that this is the reason why smart brands are looking towards this direction and leveraging the power of the crowd. Consumers frequently research a particular business once every month and this is the key reason why the numbers of websites incorporating reviews on their sites have greatly increased. Great reviews leads to great power in form of revenue.

Kate Hudson’s Take on Fabletics

Kate Hudson was approached by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group, to become their partner when they were starting out their athleisure brand, Fabletics. Kate hit the ground running from day one by being actively involved in choosing social media strategies and reviewing budgets. She is hands-on and gets involved in the designing process and ensuring the styles stay fresh always. She looks at the sales numbers and notes the styles that are selling and those that are not. She uses the brand’s products and made clear communication with customers a top priority for the brand. Fabletics is a membership-based site that strives to get its customers the exact products they need. Customers ought to take a lifestyle quiz in order to find out the Fabletics gear that is best suited for them.

Bruno Fagali is a very big name when it comes to the legal fraternity in Brazil. The attorney has achieved greatly in his field and happens to be the founder of the famous Fagali Law Advocates. He has had a vast range of experience in the fields of administrative law. Before he founded the law firm, he has had previous internship opportunities in his career and has been on the frontline pushing for success.

The great law icon has been on the frontline working for the progress of his career used to work with one of the biggest law firms in Brazil before starting to practice independently. Bruno Fagali is also was also appointed by Nova as their corporate integrity manager. He has great managerial skills and expertise and has been on the frontline working for his success.

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A Brazilian lawyer is required to undergo thorough training before he can represent a client. One is required to possess a bachelor’s degree in law from a reputable university, and then he is required to pass the qualifications of a law school. That is when they are required to pass the bar exam which gives a person the license to practice as a lawyer in Brazil. They are also required to follow some codes of conduct in their profession.

Bruno Fagali was a great student while in high school and was admitted to Pontifical Catholic University of the famous Sao Paulo, Brazil. He also pursued a masters degree at the Sao Paulo University whereby he studied state law. He has since then become a very big person in the Brazilian law industry and has been on the frontline working for success in the industry. He has also been on the frontline mentoring future lawyers whom he happens to be working with at his law firm.

Bruno Fagali’s decision in the Brazilian law industry was not by mistake. It was all through passion, and he has done everything he can to ensure that he becomes the leader out of the 26,000 lawyers in Brazil. He has persistently worked for the success of his clients, and his career is driven passion, ethics, and hard work through integrity and professionalism.

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OSI Inc. food processing corporation is a popular name in the industry, encouraging them to find out what’s in your food, and where it comes from. The goal is to feed your family, or customers a well balanced diet, and continue to be committed to quality. They were one of the first food processing facilities to take part in a stabilized food industry. Their open public disclosure gives you all the facts on their ingredients, and where they come from with full demographics listed on their website. They are prepared to adhere to the strict food safety regulations of the government.

David A. McDonald has made a valid attempt to expand their international industries, and has been very successful. To date, OSI Inc. is responsible for buying Baho Foods, and have taken control of their assembly line. They have also partnered with Flagship Europe giants to give them directional operation of the facility plant to process their condiments, frozen poultry, and pie filling. The deal has expanded the European business growth, and has been worth an estimated $7 million dollars for OSI Inc. food processing. Europe spokesman says, Flagship is proud to be under the direction of a successful international food processing giant.

It is hard for you to miss the organic ingredients packed in each food product. They are even interested in expanding their international business interest by marketing all-natural foods to India. Their successful bid for a Chicago Tyson plant was an effort to give back to the communities they feed by financial contributions, and actively participating in local charities like Boys Scouts of America. Their successful bid helped hundreds of people retain their current position, and will operate by processing their own signature products along with Tyson food products.

Their products have fed thousands of families who eat at restaurants, dell’s, supermarkets, and meat markets. Many families can get a wholesome meal with superior ingredients regulated by the government. Visit their website for more details on how to become a part of their proud employment team, or for more information on their international trade deals, or select preferred food products.

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America decided to scale up the fight against prostate cancer through a partnership with LabCorp. With the prevalence of prostate cancer, the two companies are working together to increase screening opportunities and educate men from 1st September to 15th October this year. The program targets men aged 40 or above and meet specific requirements.

The free Prostate Specific Antigen screening will be available in all 1,750 LabCorp locations in the US for the first 2000 men. After the first batch, men will access screening at a subsidized price of $25 until the period lapses. Testing helps treat the disease in its early stages. The PSA tests will indicate the risk factors and inform the next steps. High PSA shows a higher possibility for the occurrence of prostate cancer and one has to seek further help as soon as possible.

The American Cancer Society forecasts that the new diagnoses of prostate cancer in 2017 will be 161,360. Screening of at-risk men of ages 40 and above will help reduce this statistic. Some of the risk factors are race and family history. The Prostate Pep Campaign led by NFL personalities Bill Cowher, Dick Vermeil, and Herm Edwards will sensitize the men on the risks and the need for screening. Parallel campaigns by the NFL in collaboration with Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals will be in Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago, and Tulsa.

Headquartered in Florida, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a group of five hospitals dedicated to providing quality care for adult patients battling cancer. The hospitals utilize inclusive and evidence-based approach in treatment that features precision cancer therapies and genomic testing, chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation. The objective of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is to improve the physical and emotional health of the patient as well as control the side effects during and after treatment.

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