Perry Mandera, the owner and founder of the Custom Companies extends his support to various organizations within the Illinois State. An article titled “The ISCC’S law enforcement legislation and training initiatives” looks at one of the initiatives that have benefited from Perry Mandera’s experience in the transportation industry spanning over thirty years. His involvement with the ISCC results from his commitment to helping other people in the society. At ISCC, the focus is on reducing the juvenile delinquency and crime, as well as enhancing interactions between the public and the law enforcement officers.

Perry Mandera also works closely with the SmartWay to ensure that people adhere to the environmental protection. The SmartWay is at the forefront to ensure environmental protection and has a program dedicated to environmental protection. Perry Mandera’s interest in working with the SmartWay was because of their effort to reduce carbon emissions into the environment by freight trucks. Through this program, Perry Mandera and the SmartWay ensure that program participants and the environment receive maximum benefit through protection from carbon emissions. Running such successfully collaborations with other organizations has endeared Perry Mandera to the hearts of many people who understand his role and contributions towards a better environment and neighborhood.

Background Information about Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera attended the Chicago high school, a public institution. He graduated from the school in 1975 and applied to work with the U.S Marine Corps Reserves ( His application went through and he joined the Reserve immediately where he got an Honorable discharge later to become a civilian once again. He started his own venture at only 23 years in 1980, but he later sold it in 1985. Perry Mandera later joined politics where he served as a ward Committeeman representing 26th ward, Chicago as a Republican representative from 1984-1988 (LinkedIn).

Perry Mandera started the Customs Companies, incorporated in 1986 where he served a wide range of customers, both large and small. In 2000, the transportation association of Illinois named Perry Mandera as the Top 100 American transportation executives of the millennium, where he is a member of the board currently. Perry Mandera continues to dedicate his resources and time to helping members of the society mainly through his Custom companies firm.