David McDonald was an American labor leader born in 1902. He started his education in Catholic parochial schools. He finished his high school in 1918 and was lucky to get a two-year vocational technology diploma. He later proceeded to study accounting at Duquesne University. He got his primary first job at Wheeling Steel Products as a typist-switchboard operator. In 1942, he was elected to the executive council of CIO-PAC, where he controlled its policies and donations. He was named acting president when Philip Murray died in 1952. In 1953, the USWA executive named him the president. He is currently the President of OSI Group, a privately owned holding company of meat processors.

The privately owned company has over 50 businesses in 17 countries. It has its recent growth trajectory with two new factories coming up, increasing the number of plants in the country to 8. The company, under David McDonald OSI Group, has penetrated new markets such as Poland, Hungary, and Geneva. He has ensured that each regional management team understands the consumers’ needs and the demands considering their cultures. He sits as the board director as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute.

After the acquisition of Baho Foods, David McDonald appreciated the move stating that it gives OSI a broader perspective and presence in the entire Europe. The company has built a reputable portfolio of brands has done well to serve the customers’ needs.

OSI Group celebrated its 20-year prevalence in China market in 2012. The significant contribution to the country’s economy was during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. OSI Group supplied close to 113 tons of different types of meat products. There were zero complains from the Olympic committee which was a massive boost for the company.

OSI Group is well connected to global markets due to its competent regional management. China is the most significant growing consumer market with an increasing population. That’s why OSI sees it as a real focus. The company is not limited to offering its products to customers; they include product development in their service. Through the company’s partnership program with other supplies, the consumers can get exactly what they want.

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