Business reviews are an important part of a business’ reputation. These reviews are typically given by clients, past and present, and by other professionals in the particular industry. One industry that business reviews are especially important in is the financial trading industry.


One of the top financial trading companies in the world is AvaTrade. Avatrade is a Forex trading company that is located in Dublin, Ireland. The company was founded in 2006. It has offices located in various countries around the world including; Ireland, The United States of America, Australia, Japan, and Italy.


AvaTrade has received several super star top ratings since the beginning of 2018. The first rating was published on January, 24, 2018 on the website for Investopedia. The rating was for four out of five stars. It was a very in depth review that discussed various aspects of the business. These aspects included the products that the company offers and the individuals features of these products. The review also discussed the various fees, customer support, educational opportunities, and the other fundamentals of the company’s trading tools.


The second review that was recently published can be found on the website for the Daily Forex Reviews and News. The review was published by Sara Patterson on April 4, 2018. This rating gave AvaTrade a total score of 9.7. It too describes in depth the perks and advantages of using this company for various currency trading platforms and opportunities.


The company is regulated by many different financial regulation institutions around the world. AvaTrade currently has over 200,000 active traders using their products and services. One of the biggest advantages to using AvaTrade is the opportunity to set up a dummy account and familiarize yourself with the products and process of trading.


In the latest AvaTrade review, AvaTrade also offers their clients customer service that is available in 14 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, the company oversees over two million dollars worth of trading in a single month. It is no wonder they received the highest accolades possible for their reviews.