Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions believes that all people are in need of a carefully thought out plan to identify and achieve their financial goals. Blair’s efforts have started in his hometown of Austin, Texas where he is hard at work providing financial planning services to clients in his community.

The formula that Richard DeWayne Blair uses to develop complete financial planning for clients includes a three-pillar approach. The basis of this approach is to allow for Blair to get an inside look at the client’s current financial situation and discuss needs and desires for life after retirement.

Pillar On

The first order of business in Blair’s plan is to clearly identify a client’s strengths, goals, and ability and willingness to tolerate risk in investing. This phase of Blair’s process sets the stage for a long-term relationship with clients by giving both parties a clear outlook on future goals and expectations.

Pillar Two

The next order of business it establishing a long-term strategy that is tailored to a client’s individual needs. Blair takes an active role in the shifting and managing of assets to assure maximum potential benefits are realized. This is especially important in regards to maximizing peak performance in the market and assuring minimal if any damage is incurred during negative market periods.

Pillar Three

Once the financial needs and goals are clear to Blair and a carefully thought out plan has been enacted it is the time for step three of the process: Implementation and monitoring. Blair implements and carefully monitors the performance of each investment made by clients and checks them against the goals and expectations that have already been established.


Richard DeWayne Blair is committed to the financial empowerment of the clients he serves. By implementing the three pillar approach he has developed as a result of his many experiences in the financial planning sector.

This approach has been successful for many clients that have had the pleasure of working with Blair in the Austin, Texas area and beyond.