Rick Cofer is a criminal defense attorney serving the Central Texas area while living in Austin. With experience ranging from DUI to murder, he uses his extensive knowledge and expertise as a prosecutor to help those in need of assistance with excellence.


As an active member of his neighborhood, Cofer saw the opportunities that were available to make his city a better place to live, created task-forces and implemented change. Cofer helped to lead the way in creating a plastic-bag ban in Austin, Texas, expanded recycling programs, served as the chair of the Zero Waste Commission in Austin as well as the Parks and Rec Board and he serves on the board of directors for both the Pease Park Conservancy and the Austin Ending Community Homelessness Coalition. As a leader in his community, Rick Cofer also has over a decade of experience working on political campaigns as a member of the Democratic National Committee.


So what makes Rick Cofer so productive? Is he different from the rest of the world? These are Cofer’s personal tips for being more productive:


  • Finish all small tasks each day (phone calls, emails, etc.), so they aren’t carried over into the next day
  • When you pick something up – finish it. Don’t procrastinate
  • Set aside one day a week to focus on long term projects that need special attention
  • Get help. Hire someone who can do the little things that take up your time (scanning, invoicing, errands, etc.)
  • Eat a good breakfast and a great lunch. Get up early and go to bed early


What about his tips for a successful career? Not surprisingly, they are just as simple:


  • Common decency, professional courtesy, and goodwill – don’t make people feel bad about themselves
  • Find a mentor and listen more than you talk
  • Respect the support staff
  • Tip well
  • Order dessert


When Rick Cofer isn’t saving the environment or defending a client, you can find him playing with his dog (Lady Bird), hiking, dining, traveling or reading the Economist and the local newspaper (in print). And, of course, Instagram.