For years, people have been struggling with how to get technology into prisons. They knew it would be helpful, but they just didn’t know the right way to do it. Rick Smith did not have this problem. In fact, he knew just the right way to handle the prison industry so he would be able to show others what they could get from it. He wanted to help support the administrators at prisons by giving him the technology he had so things would get better for them. Part of what has made Securus so successful is Rick Smith’s dedication to the customers he has and to the people he has worked so hard to help. While Rick Smith knows what he can do to make the prison industry better, he knew he would need to try and show people the benefits they could get from using the opportunities he had.

The first thing Rick Smith showcased was the kiosk system. The kiosks were convenient and made it easy for prisoners to get the things they needed, cutting down on the jobs the correctional officers had to do while they were working in the prison. The prisoners could help themselves to everything that was available to them. They could also show people the options that would be easy for them so they wouldn’t even have to be able to read to use the system while they were in prison. It was an all-around technology advancement for the prison industry.

In addition to this, Rick Smith tried his best to make things easier for people who are in prisons. He decided he was going to try and help others get the things they needed from the prison. He chose to target the administrators because their jobs were difficult. By adding different technology options to the prison and their administration systems, Rick Smith knew he could do different things to help people out with the issues they were having in the prisons. He also knew people would be able to benefit from everything he had to offer them on their own with the prison industry.

While things have gotten better for Rick Smith as Securus has grown, he has shown he can still come up with new ideas. He wants to constantly work to help people out so the prison industry will be better. He has tried his best to show people what they can get from different situations. Everything Rick Smith has done has given him the chance to try his best with the industry and with the experiences people have while they are in the prison. It has allowed him the chance to make a better experience for all the administrators.

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