Equifax is well known for being among the bureaus of the U.S. associated with credit monitoring. However, it encountered a severe security breach early in the year. Consequently, hackers gained access to private information of about 143 million Americans. The information includes Social Security numbers, addresses, and birth dates. This gives an implication that the personal information of fifty percent of the nation is already exposed.

There are steps that one can take to enhance self-protection. As well, there exists a website where one can get knowledge concerning it and noting whether the particular personal information got exposed. The website is https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/36119

It begins with registering for free credit associated with protection and monitoring. Despite the specification of the deadline, signing up at the website offers one a whole year of identifying theft protection and credit monitoring.

It is also important making a consideration towards the placement of a credit freeze together with related bureaus. In the presence of a credit freeze, the creditors are unable to look at the history of one’s credit history.

Reviewing credit cards is also important. It is a legal entitlement for each one to get their credit report’s free copy. The only authorized website by the government concerning the request of reports from the three bureaus is the Annual Credit Report.

Other techniques of protection include monitoring one’s account often, reporting any suspicious activities related to the account, changing passwords, and stopping scammers from accessing one’s personal information. Additionally, checking the children’s credits, being watchful at the time of tax and filing taxes early together with protecting oneself if affected by the identity theft are also helpful measures.

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