There is this very spiritual idea that you will be judged by how you treat the most vulnerable in our society. In fact, some religions believe that God himself comes down to earth in order to pose as one of these vulnerable people. At some point in your life, you will come upon this person and be judged by how you treat them.


And if this is the standard by which we judge people it can also be applied to companies. That’s why we should shine a spotlight on Securus Technologies. This technologies company is best known for its telephone services provided to prisons and jails. They secure exclusive operating rights for these prisons and jails through government contracts.



Now this company could easily treat the customer base poorly. After all they have no competition after the contract is awarded and there is no motivation to treat these people well. And if you really think about it, who is going to come to the aid of prisoners? It would not even make the news if this company decided to treat the prison population poorly.


So you might be surprised to find out that Securus has long had an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. And in March, the Better Business Bureau accredited the company with one of its highest honors. The BBB accredits companies that volunteer and pay for the investigation. They rank companies on an eight point ethical checklist, including trustworthiness, transparency, privacy, honest advertising, truth telling, the honoring of promises, responsiveness, and integrity.


It seems this company has long been treating prisoners and their families incredibly well when nobody is looking. They treat this incredibly vulnerable population with integrity and respect, earning them accreditation from the BBB and my prayers. I am hoping more companies lead by example like this.