Many people assume that once dangerous criminals have been convicted and sentenced that they are no longer a threat to society. The only reason that continues to be true is because of the hard work and dedication of prison staff, who are able to keep the worst criminals from plying their habitual trade.


Securus Technologies, the nation’s premier provider of inmate communication services, has been helping prison administrators and staff combat criminal activity within their institutions for over a decade. Through the deployment of cutting-edge technologies, Securus has gotten the tools that are needed to prevent crime into the hands of those most capable of preventing it.


An example of this type of technology is Securus’ location based services. This system is like a space-age version of caller ID. It lets prison staff know exactly who prisoners are calling from the prison phone system and where those parties are physically located. The system is capable of being set up to automatically alert staff if a phone call is made to an area that may increase the risk of there being the intention of committing a crime. For example any phone calls placed to the area in the immediate outside the vecinity of the prison may alert staff, letting them know that a suspicious calling pattern is taking place.


Another powerful feature of this system is its ability to positively identify all parties participating in a conversation, using biometric voice recognition. These capabilities rely on technology developed by the Department of Defense for use in war zones. Today, no call takes place on a Securus-provided system without all parties being identifiable to the staff on duty.


Through adopting technologies like these to the prison environment, Securus is making the nation’s prisons much safer for staff, the public-at-large and the prisoners themselves.