Medicine is a field that is very crucial to the society such that individuals cannot do without. This is a very wide area whereby different specialists undertake different dimensions. Shafik Sachedina is an expert in this field who has developed an interest as a dental practitioner. Most of the individuals around the Aga Khan area have benefited from his tireless efforts to solve issues. Shafik Sachedina also has some know-how when it comes to management. It is at Jamati Corporation where he contributed tirelessly as the chair in a certain committee.

Shafik Sachedina is also conversant in the area of leadership. He has been in the management committee way back in Ismaili institutions. He acted as the overseer of the various activities. He also managed to make plans based on different projections. These institutions are well established in more than ten regions. It was out of the need for the interaction that he grew interested in networking. In mind, he intended to create a nexus that would enhance intimacy among business partners. This idea benefited the Aga Khan Programs together with the Ismaili institutions.

Having attended the dental school based in London, he managed to carry out his tasks with the highest level of expertise. It is clear that Shafik Sachedina had a clear picture of what he wanted and hence spent most of his time perfecting the dental skills. Innovation has also been experienced in this sector. He has ensured that advancement is present in terms of machines and operation as well. Regarding ideas, he is one of great mind who has brought healing. Most of the youths are shunning away from the voluntary programs. It is through the voluntary activities that Shafik Sachedina got a chance to serve the community which has assisted him a great deal.

Having acquired various skills through different tasks and responsibilities he decided to help other individuals who had been suffering from various diseases. The only way that he could successfully handle this was by coming up with a health center that would look after the sick. This is an institution where the management gets to the patients at a technical level and serve them in accordance with their needs.