Sheldon Lavin is popularly known as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI group. There is more to that hot dog and pizza that you enjoy eating from OSI group. The story dates back to 1909 in Illinois West Chicago when the company was established. Sheldon Lavin later joined the group, which by then was known as Otto & Sons in 1970 as a partner after it was chosen to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s. Sheldon has his financial consulting firm before joining the group. Sheldon was also a prominent businessman and a well-known investor. His area of expertise was finance and accounting. With these skills, he helped OSI group to grow from the local food company it was to gain worldwide recognition by being the largest multinational corporation.

Through his remarkable skills in the finance sector, Sheldon helped the company to expand into other markets such as Mexico, China, and Poland shortly after joining it. Currently, the group has spread its wings to over 16 countries and has played a major role in making the lives of over 20000 people better through the provision of employment. OSI group entered a venture that would help it expand into even more countries in Europe in 2014 under the leadership of Sheldon.

OSI Group procured Tyson Production in 2016, which will assist the company to increase its rates of production. It has about 200,000 acres space, which is more than enough for storage and manufacturing. In a bid to expand and serve more markets in Europe, Sheldon used another wise strategy by purchasing Baho food whose products complement those of OSI group. That will increase demand, which means more profits for the company. Consequently, it will contribute positively to the economy of Europe.

All these achievements have been made under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. As a result, he was honored by the Global Visionary Award. It is an award that is awarded to people with exceptional leadership skills and those who work to meet their vision, which in Lavin’s case was to make OSI group global. Sheldon’s leadership has enabled the company to win awards such as Globe of Honor Award and many others that honor the company’s excellent environmental, safety and health management practices.

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