Shervin Pishevar brought a dose of somber fiscal advice by way of tweet storm. February of 2018 saw the tech venture capitalist and entrepreneur launch into a 21-hour Twitter storm covering different topics related to tech and finance. He held nothing back as he sounded alarms about a potential stock market crash. Pishevar admonished the top five tech companies for their stranglehold on the industry. And he also spoke directly to investors and traders of Bitcoin. Pishevar predicted Bitcoin would experience a massive drop. The value of Bitcoin did decline incredibly from February 2018 to December 2018. Those who lost money probably wish they read Pishevar’s tweets. Others might have read the tweets and shake their heads over not pondering following Pishevar’s words.

Bitcoin represents the trailblazing world of digital currency. An almost science-fiction element exists to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The assets provide money not ruled by any particular government. Supply and demand among other factors contribute to the value of Bitcoin. At one time, the price of a single Bitcoin was meager. The price jumped to the $20,000 range. Investors, traders, and speculators became wealthy through procuring Bitcoin when the cost was low. Tales of overnight millionaires fueled wild Bitcoin purchasing adventures. Shervin Pishevar noted that the value of Bitcoin would experience a dramatic drop. He does feel the price may stabilize after the fall, but drop it will.

Shervin Pishevar is someone proven to take risks in his financial and investment dealing. He saw the promise in Uber back when it was little more than a strange idea. His backing of Uber delivered critical assistance when Uber was a startup. Some may think a dynamic investor such as Shervin Pishevar wouldn’t be cautious about investing in something new like Bitcoin. A willingness to take risks isn’t the same thing as embracing recklessness. Many Bitcoin fans learned digital currency is a volatile creature. Volatile assets tend to experience rapid drops at an unexpected time. Several months ago, however, the downward trend of Bitcoin was apparent. Not everyone paid attention.