Many people have eye problems. While some are minor, others can go away in a few days or months. Whether a person’s vision is not what it used to be or has been interfered with, there are things an individual can do to get back their eye health. That explains why Sightsavers was formed.



Sir John Wilson established Sightsavers. He was a dedicated public health advocate. What is more, from a tender age, he was blind. That contributed to his reasons for establishing an organization that now helps blind people across the world. Initially, the organization was called the British Empire Society for the Blind. In its years of operations, the organization has distributed significant treatment to more than 200 million people with the aim of preventing river blindness. Other contributions from the organization include a donation of 6.1 million sight-restoring cataracts in addition to antibiotics for 43 million people.



Over the years, Sightsavers has formed different affiliate organizations to help extend its services across various countries including Italy, India, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, in addition to Ireland where it partners with local organizations to help restore fight via specialist treatment.


Sightsavers is committed to battling avoidable blindness while promoting equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The company believes that people are not blind from causes that can be avoided. Moreover, people whose sight cannot be saved should live in dignity as well. Therefore, the organization takes the responsibility of restoring sight. Aside from that, it supports irreversibly blind people to lead independent lives. This has been achievable through education, training, as well as counseling.



It is factual that blindness is a problem affecting many people in the world. Therefore, Sightsavers is leading international coalitions as well as initiatives that need to better eye health. Also, it has been creating efforts to eradicate neglected eye diseases by working with hundreds of community volunteers. The management of Sightsavers distributes millions of treatment options to prevent eye infection.



Sightsavers has a program to make sure that people who have disability enjoy equal opportunities. They should also be included in different societal projects.