Indiana’s primaries brought Donald Trump one step closer to achieving his presidential dreams. The billionaire and reality-television star says that he has enough of his own money to fund his campaign. No one doubts that Trump has enough money to fund his campaign, but another billionaire has entered the race and spoken out against him. George Soros, known for supporting democratic causes on, stepped into the campaign by donating to the Libre foundation. Soros hopes to stop Trump at any cost and end the surreal nature of the 2016 presidential election.

Soros may have unlikely allies in the GOP establishment. Even Cruz, who was not considered to be an establishment candidate, stepped up his campaign in Indiana to stop the Republican frontrunner. When Trump won the GOP primaries in Indiana, Cruz and Kasich finally pulled out of the race. With only a few more primaries remaining, it seems more likely that Trump will win the Republican nomination.

Many media pundits have expressed befuddlement over how the reality-television star became the front runner. Trump has expressed anti-Immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiment. Forcing Mexico to pay for to build a wall at the United States Mexico border has been one of Trump’s more contentious ideas, and he has suggested putting a ban on further Islamic Muslim immigration.

George Soros reached out to the Hispanic community, feeling that Trump has likely alienated many members of this constituency. The Democratic billionaire donated $15 million to the Libre Foundation. The Libre Foundation plans on using his financial support to bring more Latinos to the polls in the general elections.
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Democratic candidates face an uphill battle. Few Democratic voters feel the enthusiasm of their Republican counterparts. Debates between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton never received the ratings of the Republican debates. As the convention approaches, party leaders worry that neither candidate in the race may be able to drive voter turnout in numbers large enough to defeat the Trump campaign machine.

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