The team at Papa John’s knows that they have a long road ahead of them full of a lot of work before they are able to show their customers that they are devoted to change and diversity. Their CEO Steve Ritchie knows that their loyal customers expected much better than Papa John’s has shown them recently and he wants everyone to know that they are ready for change and doing everything that they can to make it happen. They are being very open about all of the efforts that they have been making to prove that they are dedicated to having a diverse company.

Steve Ritchie has dedicated himself to the company and making it a success again despite the opposition that they are facing. He believes that Papa John’s is better under his leadership and is putting the work in to prove it. He told the world about the different actions that he and the company are making by penning an open letter that was later featured on social media. This letter was addressed to everyone that was impacted by the actions of a former executive of the company. He knows that words can hurt deeply and when he realized that they had he knew that actions needed to be taken.

Apart from completing an independent audit of the company to see where improvement needs to be made in their culture, Steve Ritchie also took on the task of visiting multiple franchises throughout different parts of the United States. While visiting these different locations, he had a chance to speak to his team and customers personally and was happy to be able to listen to their ideas. While the conversations that were had during this time were not always the easiest, he knew that they had to be done.

Through their efforts, they have discovered many areas that need to be worked on. In addition, Steve Ritchie is heading up 2 long-term efforts for the company that will support their goals of diversity and making a difference in their communities. These include expanding minority-owned franchises and supporting different causes in their communities.