With Papa John’s engulfed in scandal over the appearance of being a racist company in the aftermath of the happening of two incidences with racial undertones, Steve Ritchie stepped up to extinguish those perceptions. Steve Ritchie is the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s, a nationally renowned pizza delivery company. Steve Ritchie disowned those views and behavior of one particular individual by stating that the view of one individual does not represent the entire Papa John’s company nor should it reflect on company that is 120,000 strong. The 120,000 employees at Papa John’s are diverse and are drawn from the community and hold the same values us everyone else in the community. To prove that this is true to the public, Steve Ritchie plans to hire outside auditors to come in to verify that this is true of the employees within the company. Check out Papa John’s latest commercial here.

Also, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s will seek out the input of their franchises and its employees by sending out members of the senior executives at Papa John’s to collect them. To alleviate any possible concerns that the public may have with regard to Papa John’s employees behaving similarly bad as the individual in question to customers, Steve Ritchie promised that neither he nor the company will put up with similar conduct by any of its 120,000 employees. Visit salary.com to know about Ritchie’s benefits and salary.

In addition to extinguishing any perception that may exist as to Papa John’s being a racist company, Steve Ritchie offered his apology to anyone who may have taken offense upon hearing of these incidences with racial undertones. The apology made by Steve Ritchie was sincere, clear-cut, and unequivocal so as to let it be known that both he and the company are opponents of such views. Besides masterfully resolving the situation, Steve Ritchie thanked Papa John’s customers for being such great and loyal customers to the Papa John’s brand.

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