When drugs are introduced into the prison system, everyone behind those walls is in serious danger. Not only will a calm inmate become impossible to contain, if you add into the mix weapons, then we now have a deadly situation to be concerned about. Things are bad enough working as a corrections officer, each day we go to work we do not know if this could be our last because the inmates would love nothing more than to take out their frustrations on the only authority they have contact with.


To try and combat the war on drugs in jail, we station officers all around the visitor center to make sure no one is bringing in drugs and slipping them to the inmates. It doesn’t take but the blink of an eye for something to change hands, and then get circulated to all the inmates. We do scans, use x-ray equipment, and even have the drug-sniffing dogs on hand to try and slow down the flow of these drugs.


When we were told that Securus Technologies was in the process of updating the inmate call monitoring system in our facility, we knew it would become another resource in our efforts to clean up our jail. The company is based is Dallas, and their CEO, Richard Smith, says his employees have the single objective of making this planet safer for all.


Once I understood how powerful the LBS software, we began to get alerts almost hourly concerning drugs. What was happening was now we heard things that were slipping through the cracks. Inmates talking about hiding their drugs outside the cells, inmates talking about using drugs at night, and even inmates telling family members the best way to disguise drugs when they come to visit them inside our jail each week.