The amazing Sertões Rally held its 22nd edition and had 7 different stages going over 2 states. It was of over 2000 kilometers. This is considered as one of the biggest off-road rallies in Brazil. A lot of teams competed in this rally and one of the excellent teams named, Bull Sertões Rally Team managed to take a position in the top 5.

Mr. Rodrigo Terpins was able to secure the 8th position in this rally with Mr. Fabrício Bianchini for the T1 (prototype) division. The two were able to make it into the top 10 from 38 different competitors. Check out terra for more info.

The car that Mr. Rodrigo Terpins was driving had the number 326 on it. This very car has had a lot of success in the past too. According to Mr. Rodrigo, the rally was very pleasant, and he enjoyed the ride a lot. The rally comprised of a lot of different and tough specials, so the drivers needed to have proper tools and equipment. The full team consisted of ten members. Every single member gave his best and proved vital in the outcome of the rally.

Mr. Rodrigo Terpins is known to be very similar to his father named, Jack Terpins. They have a successful entrepreneurial background. They have always been into sports as well.

Mr. Rodrigo Terpins has been seen in a lot of different events in the whole of Brazil. He has interest in rally events now. While his father, Mr. Jack Terpins used to be a basketball player in his days. He was a member of Hebraica in the 1960s and 1970s. However, Mr. Jack is working as a real estate investor nowadays. He has always supported and encouraged young people who are in some kind of sports. He used to serve as a leader of a community during his younger days.

Rodrigo even served as the Chief of Sports in the government during the year 1991. In addition to that, he was a member of the Latin American Jewish Council as well. Mr. Jack is a very well-known figure in the Jewish community as well for his efforts. For more info visit