It didn’t take the Chainsmokers long before they were noticed when they started producing music. For the first couple of years they were working together, Alex and Andrew, they were making new music together day and night, though none of it was getting released. In 2015 is when they started putting out there music to the public and it was a specific collaboration on the song “Roses”, that really brought the group to new heights. This brought them into the spotlight and because of their natural talent together, virtually every song they released was a new hit that went to the top of the music billboards. Today, the Chainsmokers are a known all over the world for their amped up party music and mellow beats, dominating the hip-hop and EDM genres.

Although they took a short hiatus back in 2017 to regroup themselves, the Chainsmokers are back at it releasing new music on a regular basis to their fans. They have even released a teaser video to the public showing how they are making one of the latest songs. It’s quite short, but it is pretty interesting to watch nonetheless. Alex and Andrew have said they will put out more detailed videos of them creating some of their best songs. Considering the profound success the band has already obtained in less than two years, its safe to say they aren’t going anywhere soon. Most people think the Chainsmokers have been around for a long time due to the number of smash hits they’ve had dominated the charts for so long. The truth is, they are still very much growing as artists and they want to try out new things as often as they can.

According to the CHainsmokers, that was part of the reason they took a little break from their music and the media because it was very limiting and critical to them as musicians. While it can be an amazing life as celebrities, it is also a double-edged sword that comes with many downsides, including other people sometimes forgetting that celebrities are just people too.