Technology has become a big part of most people’s lives. It has significantly improved the way business operations are conducted and has even made it easier for teachers to communicate with each other as well as with the parents of their students and the students themselves. Before the development of applications such as ClassDojo, it was often difficult for teachers to connect with their peers. Through the use of educational technology, today’s teachers are able to tap into entire communities of people who are ready and willing to help.

The ClassDojo application allows for better communication through the sharing of photos, videos and even instant messages. The various features integrated into this application empowers teachers and students on a level that creates a more positive atmosphere within the classroom. In fact, many teachers have found this communication platform a great place to start for encouraging discussions with students about important concepts such as teamwork. Students also have their own space within the app known as virtual portfolios, where they can upload their own classroom photos and share their accomplishments.

For many teachers, making connections with their peers for the purpose of exchanging insights and information about the classroom experience is an essential element to their career. Although educators could use social media sites to try and exchange the information they feel would be beneficial, the ClassDojo app makes it much easier. The app streamlines the process of connecting with the ClassDojo community through online social media sites, so educators have the ability to receive instant feedback to their questions, comments or concerns regarding situations or experiences within the classroom.

Educational technology has become an integral part of almost any classroom. The features found in the ClassDojo app allow teachers to create individualized student profiles where they can use fun icon images as a way of showing how well someone has accomplished a task. Teachers can also share classroom activities with parents and keep them updated on the progress of their child through instant messaging. As a future forward application, ClassDojo also has the ability to translate messages into more than 30 different languages.