For those who don’t know Organo Gold doesn’t only produce a line of coffee beverages that include those that are flavored, single brews and teas, but also has targeted the organic products that help with body management. Addition to that, they have personal care products that include nutritional shakes, grape seed oil, Mycelium, spore powder and beauty bar’s. When it came to getting into the brewed coffee market, it was a simple decision Organic Gold prides itself on with organic farming and natural ingredients.


If you are an instant coffee lover and have not at least tried Organic Gold King of Coffee, you will be in for a treat. The selection offers Gourmet organic King of Coffee known as their instant coffee line that contains organic green tea ingredients such as Ganoderma Lucidum spore powder. This has a list of nutrients and antioxidants. When you order the King of Coffee, you’ll discover that it has a rich taste to it and a medium dark Arabic roast that can change any instant coffee lover into a fan for this particular category.Organic gold has continued with his success by also reaching out to the tea drinking population. They offer a great selection that includes red and green teas. What makes them stand out within organic goals line of coffees is that they use Ganoderma. It is known to be a part of Chinese medicine that benefits the immune system. All teas are naturally infused with antioxidants, mild and power-packed.

Body management

Organic Gold’s selection of beverage categories helps our bodies as well. Inside their beverages you will find ingredients such as Fenix XT and Ganoderma, to name a few. Fenix XT has a mango peach flavor and comes in the form of a powdered energy drink.


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