The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization that comprises of professional and licensed architects, upcoming professionals and also allied partners. The American Institute Architects was formed in 1857, New York City, by a group of 13 architects. It’s headquartered in Washington D.C. The main aim for its formation was to promote scientific and practical profession to its dedicated members and also to elevate the profession to new heights. Robert Ivy currently is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects.

Robert Ivy, born in Columbus, Mississippi obtained a Bachelors of Arts (English) from Sewanee University. He later obtained a master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. Ivy was appointed the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1998. Under his leadership, the Architectural Journal became one of the widely read in the world. Robert Ivy also worked as the Vice President and Editor General of McGraw- Hill Construction Media. Robert Ivy also presided over various publications from 1981 to 1996.

Under the stewardship of Robert Ivy, Architectural Record scooped various publishing honors. In 2009, Robert Ivy was awarded with a “Crain Award”, one of the highly envied awards by all architects. Additionally, Robert Ivy was voted by all the architects to be the “Master of architects” in March 2010. This was made possible due to his ability to communicate the value of design as an architect. This made him to be the only architecture to receive this honor in the 21st century. Ivy currently resides in Washington D.C.

In 2011, Robert Ivy was appointed the C.E.O of American Institute of Architects. The organization is a dynamic one with over 250 chapters and a total membership of over 90,000 architects and professionals. AIA is dedicated to promote architectural skills and experience of its members. Ivy as the C.E.O is committed in strengthening the association and he does this through public awareness, educating its members and ensuring that the organization is proactive. This helps its members to serve their clients and the global community effectively.

Under the leadership of Robert Ivy, the American Institute of Architects has been streamlined and transformed in such a way that it caters for the architectural needs in this 21st century. He has transformed the American Institute of Architects to a proactive, influential and responsive organization. His man goal is to promote public awareness and creating relevance to architectural career.