A New CEO is announced to the Assisted living community and followers of the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo. The CEO comes to the area from Nevada. He has a history in the senior housing industry. He has worked for over 30 years with the industry and only plans on giving a few more to the Manse. Farron Bernhardt is the new addition and CEO to the Manse. His recent tour as Vice President has given him the education and experience to run this assisted living and independent living community with ease.

This month is the month of choosing a new President of the United States. People have loads of information about him or her. The stage has been set for someone new to take over because the Present President is done with his second term. Many changes have been made to the United States because of the present President and this was expected. This is why people chose him to be the president. They were looking for changes. This is the reason why Farron Bernhardt was chosen for the job as CEO of the Manse on Marsh. Change is always good if it is for the best. The Manse offers a fantastic senior living environment but with Farron’s experience, their should be many new changes for the best.

Assisted Living offers seniors or disabled individuals the ability to live with a community that can keep an eye out for them. The person is able to come and go as they please but they must let the nurse in charge know if they are leaving. This is to ensure that everyone is accounted for and safe. The Manse offers the residents the ability to take their transportation to the inner city of San Luis Obispo or to the coast. The only thing a president must do is inform the transportation driver that they may need to go and set a time to reserve the bus. People that bring their own car to the facility must be able to drive.

The Manse on Marsh offers residents housekeeping weekly. It offers laundry services weekly as well. The kitchen prepares meals that are delicious and available daily. Most apartments in the Manse have a microwave to cook and a dorm size refrigerator. No wonder everyone believes they have their own apartments and independence even if they are in the assisted living. The Manse on Marsh is happy to announce the new CEO and welcomes him to the area.