Established as the Passport Club in 1989 and changing its name to The Oxford Club in 1991, this private investment group boasts more than 157,000 members living in over 130 countries. Founded on a simple principle, “to help our Members grow and protect their wealth”, this club full of investors and entrepreneurs has had financial success throughout varying market conditions. Operating under its creators (William Bonner) vision of merging old-world sensibility with modern technology to create a private financial club where members could benefit from investment advice through personal connections instead of mainstream press, The Oxford Club has been successful where other investment companies have failed.

The Oxford Club helps grow its member’s investments through its four investment strategies that include A Well-Balanced Investment Diet, Have and Exit Strategy, Size Matters, and Cut Your Investment Costs. The first strategy, A Well-Balanced Investment Diet, takes the age old principle of diversification one step further by not only diversifying among multiple stocks but also diversifying among multiple risk levels and asset classes. By diversifying their investments under this principle an investor’s portfolio is able to withstand the ups and downs of the stock market without losing all their capital. The second strategy, Have an Exit Strategy, is important because it is just important to know when to sell as it is to know when to buy The Oxford Club will only advise its members to buy as long as they have a plan of when and how to sell allowing members to get out early before sustaining large losses if an investment is not performing well. The third strategy, Size Matters, advises members to avoid making the common pitfall of becoming too attached emotionally to a particular stock or investment and instead operates utilizing a positioning formula to advise members when it is time to rebalance and resize their investments. The fourth strategy, Cut Your Investment Costs, under this principle members are advised how to legally avoid large IRS taxes as well advising members without charging large fees like many fund managers do. By avoiding front-end load and back-end load fees Oxford Club members can reduce their investment expenses and retain a higher percentage of their portfolio’s return.

The Oxford Club, operating under its four investment principles, helps members create and maintain diversified investment portfolios that maximize profit and minimize risk and loss. On a routine basis The Oxford Club researches hundreds of investment opportunities and identifies the ones with the greatest potential for growth and profit and the lowest risk and passes this knowledge on to their members. While utilizing modern technology without compromising personal relationships the members of The Oxford Club have enjoyed financial success for over two decades and show no signs of stopping.