The topic of human rights has been a topic for many years. From slavery to oppressive regimes, human rights is a topic that is controversial. Among fighters for human rights is Thor Halvorssen who is a campaigner for universal human rights. This means that Mr. Halvorssen is a firm believer in human rights for all despite race or ethnicity. Mr. Halvorssen is a also a huge advocate for the right for an individual to receive an individualized education. This means that an education should not be centered around oppression, but instead should be centered around the idealism of strengthening the mind.

In recent news, Thor Halvorssen and his foundation known as the Human Rights Foundation, have spoken out against human rights violations caused by pop-star Nicki Minaj. This particular issue originated when Nicki Minaj agreed to perform at a concert in Angola. The issue that is being protested by several human rights organizations is the fact that the concert is being funded by Unitel which is a communications company that is linked to the oppressive regime in Angola.

This violation against human rights has not only been violated by Nicki Minaj, but has also been violated by international pop-star, Mariah Carey. Ms. Carey has performed for several oppressive regimes in Africa in exchange for a few million dollars. Human Rights Organizations have not only protested against the fact that she received a heavy sum for the performance, but have also protested the fact that she has committed this crime more than once.

Leader of the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Halvorssen. Mr. Halvorssen started this organization in 2005, after several tragic events happened to his family. Though the foundation is only 10 years old, Mr. Halvorssen has several decades of experience in fighting for universal human rights. One notable experience was when he campaigned against the South African apartheid in 2009.

Thor Halvorssen’s notable opinions have been published in several credible and prestigious newspapers and magazines. Examples of published opinions of his can be seen in The Economist, The New York Times, The Washington Post, GQ, as well as Time Magazine. His enthusiasm and his passion for what he is fighting for has been noticed worldwide and has successfully changed thousands of opinions that were once against human rights. Thanks to Thor Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation, those without a voice in oppressive regimes, now have a strong voice.