According to Patch, one of the biggest financial problems over the past century in the United States happened about 10 years ago. The financial problems that occurred rocked the very foundation of the financial industry in the United States. The source of the financial problems was a combination of events that took place. However, the primary area related to the problems involving financial institutions and loans that they were provided for real estate purchases.

The impact of the financial problems caused a large amount of foreclosures across the country and the entire economy was affected. Many people lost jobs and the economy was hurt badly. Real estate value across the country went down greatly as the effect of the foreclosures and other financial problems begin to take effect. No city was immune to the real estate problems that were sweeping the country.

In Baltimore, homeowners were seeing what many people across the country were seeing with real estate. The value of the real estate was going down while cities were dealing with a down economy. As the country looked for ways to repair the damage that was done as a result of the financial crisis from a decade ago, new measures were put in place to try to prevent the same problems from occurring again in the financial industry.

One of the measures that was put in place was to make it harder for people to get real estate loans. Today, real estate values have climbed back to values seen before the financial problems of a decade ago. A real estate professional who was able to come through the financial crisis was Todd Lubar. A real estate professional who started his career in the real estate industry in the mid 1990s, Todd Lubar has vast experience in the area of real estate loans.

Todd Lubar acquired a lot of his real estate loan experience through multiple real estate loan positions over a decade time period. Around the start of 2000, Todd Lubar started his own real estate firm. His firm helps people with financial problems secure real estate loans. Todd Lubar has been someone who has helped many people looking to secure a real estate loan in the state of Maryland.

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