It is said by the ancient wise people that good fortune should not be trusted too confidently because there is within it the hidden risk of losing it all. This is the reason why people should be careful with what they have and with being complacent of the good blessings that one enjoys. It all could be gone in a minute. This is something that only wise people like Wes Edens, the chairman and founder of Fortress Investment Group, seem to be able to comprehend and use to their advantage.

Forbes Billionaire’s List

We can learn from Forbes List that right now Wes Edens is already part of the history of the Forbes List of Billionaires, even ranking himself to number #962. Being already 46 years old, Wes Edens is one of the most successful business leaders today that have been able to help people enjoy prosperity and the wealth that their company has generated. Wes Edens has also done this without forgetting to appreciate the fact that any minute now, all of this prosperity that he enjoys could disappear. This makes him appreciate even more everything that he has, to the last detail of his wealth.

The Previous Experience

It also helps to cite here some of the previous experience of Wes Edens to know more about how he was able to organically grow Fortress Investment Group. For starters: Wes Edens got his education at the Oregon State University, and it is where he is able to master everything that he can lay his eyes on regarding Finance and Business Administration. He was also a Chairman of Nationstar Mortgage Holdings, which is something that many can do and which has really shaped the kind of success and formal background that he needed to handle bigger responsibilities.There is also a strong background in Wes in being an executive for the Lehman Brothers and BlackRock. Such experience trained him to always make sure that one survive first before doing anything that would cost one’s assets. Being risk-averse has to be a priority in any investment, and Wes does everything in his power to make sure that he remembers this important concept.Another thing that we should cite here is the fact that Wes also co-owns the basketball team, Milwaukee Bucks. His leadership in the team would mean new changes to how it will operate, and one of these changes is him considering to have a woman lead the team. Learn More.