Ara Chackerian takes the first position when exceptional entrepreneurs are being recognized in the global platform. The serial investor and philanthropist have been using a different approach to handle the challenges that are being experienced in healthcare and many other sections. His greatest role in life is to use philanthropy and business to make the American community and other areas in the world better. Ara Chackerian has been doing this for so long. In one of the interviews he recently attended, the businessman said that he is content and happy when more people visit medical centers and get the help they need. The passion to serve the communities around him was discovered when Ara Chackerian was a young man. Those who were close to him helped him to grow his businesses and make them flourish in the global market. Years later, all Chackerian can only get is compliments from people who have been assisted by the programs he has been receiving help from his medical advancements.

There are two ventures that Ara Chackerian has focused all his energy on. The businessman worked in healthcare for decades, and he began to note the numerous problems that needed to be addressed by investors in the private section. The governments in different countries had so much to accomplish, and they could not afford to cater for the numerous demands in the health section. On the other hand, the private investors had so much to invest, but they did not have enough capital for the ventures in healthcare. Ara Chackerian decided that he was going to help healthcare startups to accomplish their business goals with the little he could put his hand on. TMS Health Solutions was started because of the commitment and passion the businessman had for people who are dealing with various illnesses.