William Saito has a lot of knowledge and experience in matters relating to IT consulting and cybersecurity. He has worked and interacted with brilliant minds from leading firms such as Apple and Twitter. This has helped to enhance his knowledge and skills in the technological sector. As such he uses such skills to give useful insights into the state of technology and cybersecurity across the globe. He has written several publications and offered a lot of speeches about technology across the world. He is a person worth emulating. He has consulted with the government of Japan on issues relating to advancements in information technology and cybersecurity. Many individuals, governments and corporations value his useful advice on the technology sector. Perhaps it is his views on Russia and its state of technology which has brought another new dimension about this superpower.

It is no doubt that Russia happens to be one of the most powerful nations on earth. During the last two centuries, this giant hands been a leader in the world of technology. Advancements in television and the periodic table can be attributed to it. It was the first nation to explore the space technology. This helped it to cement its name in the political, military and technology space in the world. But where is it today?

Most of the technology brands used in the world today are from the US, China, and Japan. Huawei, Apple, Toshiba and many more leaving the once famous giant out. So what could be leading to this? Is there a solution? William Saito argues that Russia is allowing politics to interfere with its technological advancements. Although the various presidents have tried to change this since the Cold War ended, a lot needs to done. According to William Saito, there still lies a huge potential for Russia. The country can use its resources to fund tech start-ups. That is not all. The nation is endowed with a lot of oil and gas. William Saito argues that Russia can employ technology in the exploitation, refinery and the sale of these resources and make its name in the world of technology.