At a young age, William Saito showed an interest in science, math, engineering, and computer programming. His parents bought him an IBM microcomputer and taught himself how to write computer programs during the early 1980s. William was only 10 years old when he accepted a paid computer programming internship with the investment brokerage firm Merrill Lynch. His job was to create computer programs to help the stockbrokers calculate their mathematical models for their stock offerings. This internship lasted two years, which helped to fuel his interest in personal computing.

When William Saito was a college student at the University of California, Riverside, he worked for several Japanese companies who needed software to be translated into Japanese. This venture led him to create a company that he named I/O Software, Inc. He was also the publisher and editor-in-chief of a newspaper that became popular UC Riverside. He describes this paper as being like Twitter, Facebook, and WikiLeaks of its day. After college, William Saito focused all his energy on I/O Software. In the early 2000s, I/O Software was acquired by Microsoft.

One of his areas of expertise is in cybersecurity. William recently wrote an article for Forbes titled “Cyberattacks are Inevitable – Until We Stop Playing the Blame Game.” In this article, he outlines several ways in which companies can prepare themselves for cyber attacks that are bound to happen. These include:

  • Having a chief information security officer who is responsible for cybersecurity and provides audits and reports to the board or committee
  • Having an internal and external incident response plan that is implemented and updated by team members
  • Having regular cybersecurity awareness training and education sessions
  • Making sure their vendors and suppliers are protected from a cyber attack
  • Having regular cyberattack response exercises
  • Having legal and public relations teams to provide information about a breach
  • Having insurance to cover the legal and financial cost of a cyber attack

William Saito recommends that companies should be proactive in minimizing their risk from a cyber attack to make it more difficult for bad guys to get valuable information.